Parking at MWCC

Changes to Parking & Entrances (last updated 5/22/2015):

Effective Thursday, May 21, 2015, demolition and construction to the main lobby of the Haley Academic building will begin.

Although the specific activities associated with this work are still to be precisely determined, very soon the Haley building and its exterior entrance will be inaccessible to pedestrian traffic.

As such, we are closing lot A temporarily during this construction period (projected – May 22 – late August) and ask personnel and students alike to utilize Lots B or C as their parking areas. As of the same date, the MART bus transportation will also be shifted to LOT B until further notice.

New signage is being created to guide students and prospective students to the best parking and entrances to help them avoid construction and easily access the areas of the College that they are here to visit.

MWCC’s new STEM building will advance its standing as a leader in STEM education.Thank you for your understanding of this and future changes related to the renovations and improvements of the Haley Academic Building.

Parking at MWCC

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Parking On-campus: Students, Faculty, & Staff

Faculty, and staff need a parking permit to park on campus. No parking permit is required for students.

Parking lots B, C, and D are designated for students.

Lots A and E are for faculty and staff only.

Handicap Parking

If you do not have the appropriate placard or plates, but are in need of handicap parking, visit the college nurse to inquire about a temporary parking permit.
Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued for parking violations. If you receive a violation you may request a hearing with the chief of public safety and security. Fines range in price and reflect the violation. Citations are paid at the city clerk’s office in Gardner. Unpaid fines will result in a surcharge and prevent you from renewing your diver’s license and registration.

Online Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Safety Escorts

Campus police and security officers are available 24 hours / 7 days a week to walk students to the parking lot. Simply call extension 150, or call 978-630-9150, or use one of the emergency phones.