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Business Administration

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Start your business degree education and training at MWCC. A business degree prepares you for a large variety of jobs. It is the practical degree for students with a desire to work hard and contribute to society in a business framework.

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Why Study Business Administration?

Top Salary Offers to Business Majors

Finance majors currently enjoy the highest average starting salary offer, thanks in part to interest from financial services employers. These employers woo finance grads with a whopping average offer of $50,112. But they’re not alone in running up the tab for new grads with finance skills: Many finance majors had offers for financial/treasury analysis positions, where the average offer hit $52,796.


Average Salary Offer





Logistics/Materials Management


Business Administration/Management


Marketing/Marketing Mgmt. (incl. mktg. research)


*Source:  Career Coach

Data are for bachelor’s degree graduates only and are based upon majors having 50 or more offers reported.

Prepare for an entry-level career, transfer to a four-year college or university, or update your skills. MWCC’s rigorous business curriculum includes a range of challenging courses to prepare you for many different business fields: accounting, management, marketing, etc. This program will help you develop technical business skills and prepare you for success in the business community.

Why MWCC’s Program?

As a business graduate of MWCC you will save two years of the cost difference between a full four year college tuition (thousands of dollars saved each year) and an MWCC degree. Spend two years at the Mount and cut down on student loans. You can save money for other things in your life and still earn a degree from the 4 year college or university of your choice. Start near…go far!

About our Business Faculty

MWCC full time and part time business faculty are recognized for their teaching ability and the impressive array of local, national and international business credentials they bring to the classroom. Many are sought-after consultants and serve as advisory board members for corporations and non-profit organizations. They stress critical thinking and work to make each class fun and relevant.

Business Administration Degree Options That Fit Your Unique Needs

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Career Concentration
Transfer Concentration
Computer-Assisted Accounting
Small Business Management Certificate
Business Administration Certificate

Top ten college degrees in demand by employers

Source: New York (CNN/Money)

Graduates with a bachelor’s in business, engineering and computer-related fields will be in highest demand.

When asked which new college grads they were likely to hire, the greatest number of employers said they were interested in hiring grads who majored in accounting, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration and economics/finance.

Rounding out the top 10 list were students who majored in computer science, computer engineering, marketing or marketing management, chemical engineering, and information sciences and systems.

  1. Accounting
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Business Administration
  5. Economics / Finance
  6. Computer Science
  7. Computer Engineering
  8. Marketing or Marketing Management
  9. Chemical Engineering
  10. Information Sciences and Systems



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