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Managing a Healthy Way of Life!

Prepare to start a new career, or transfer to a four-year college or university, to pursue exercise science, fitness management, personal training, or fitness leadership!

The mission of the Exercise and Sports Science program is to educate students to be knowledgeable leaders in the field of fitness and wellness management through a combination of coursework and laboratory experiences. This will then provide them the skills and knowledge to become 1) certified fitness professionals for employment and/or 2) prepare them to continue in pursuit of an advanced degree in Exercise Science or other health related fields.


  • The Meaning of fitness
  • Why the body responds to exercise
  • Nutrition standards and guidelines

Benefits of MWCC’s Program

  • A stepping stone to a fitness and exercise science center
  • Career and transfer options
  • State of the art Fitness & Wellness Center
  • In depth knowledge of exercise science increases your skills and makes you more marketable to prospective employer
  • Opportunities are presented for you to earn necessary CPR certification
  • Prepares you to pursue industry-specific certifications in fitness leadership
  • Hands on experience
  • Instructional visits to other fitness facilities

Which Program is Right For Me?

Personal Training Certificate (PTC)

This program is for those who would like to work part-time as fitness leaders and/or personal trainers as well as those already working in the field but who seek a stronger exercise science background. This certificate prepares students to pursue industry’s specific certification exams necessary to fitness leadership. It can be completed in two semesters of full-time study or part-time over a longer period.

Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree (with a concentration in Exercise and Sports Science)

This program is for those who would like to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, exercise physiology, or fitness management. With a bachelor’s degree, a student can pursue fitness management careers at private and corporate fitness centers. This program can be completed in four semesters of full-time or part-time over a longer period.


For more information about the college, or to apply, contact the enrollment center at 978-630-9110 or email: admissions@mwcc.mass.edu

For more program information, contact Assistant Dean Margaret Jaillet at 978-630-9292 or email: m_jaillet@mwcc.mass.edu


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