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The substance abuse counseling certificate will prepare students by promoting knowledge of alcoholism and drug abuse, to gain experience with alcohol and drug abuse counseling; assessment; clinical evaluations; treatment planning and case management, patient, family and community education (for alcohol and drugs, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, tobacco cessation, etc.); cultural competency and/or other co-existing issue and knowledge of appropriate ethics and responsibilities of a substance abuse counselor. Collectively this will prepare students for certification and as a Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor (CADC). This certification would allow for individuals to seek employment within the industry.

Year 1
Fall Credits
SOC 129 Drug Use and Abuse in American Society 3
HST 115 Issues of Chemical Dependency in Family Systems 3
HST 140 Counseling Methods And Interviewing Techniques 3
HST 149 Addictions Counseling 3
SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology 3
HST 142 Counseling Methods and Interviewing Techniques II 3
HST 220 Psychoparmacology 3
HST 270 Practicum for Substance Abuse Counseling 6
Total Credits: 27