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Clinical Laboratory Science – Getting Started…

  1. Student in the labComplete the admissions application form. http://www.mwcc.edu/PDFs/admissionsApp.pdf
  2. Indicate the degree program you are applying for is GS-AH
  3. Mail to MWCC with $10.00 application fee
  4. Have high school transcript or GED mailed to college.
  5. If you have courses from other colleges, request official transcripts be sent to MWCC
  6. Once you file the application, you will be notified on your status how to proceed.
  7. If you have not ever taken courses at MWCC, you will take Placement (CPT) tests in reading, writing and math (administered on Gardner campus). (Specific information will be distributed upon acceptance to the college.) The results will determine appropriate math and English courses.
  8. To register for classes, visit iConnect.
  9. If you are planning to major in CLS and you are currently enrolled at MWCC, you should go the records office to change you major to GS-AH for tracking and advising purposes. (If you change your mind about this field of study later, this designation can be easily modified.)
  10. If you have not begun your math or biology sequence of courses, it is recommended that you meet with an advisor in the advising center.  If you are eligible to do so, consider registering for MAT143 and BIO113 (or take the BIO113 Challenge Exam available through Testing Services.)
  11. Only after completing or having in-progress the requisite ENG101, MAT, BIO and CLS courses is a student eligible to apply to the CLS second year selective program.  Applications are due April 1st for acceptance to the second year of the selective, full-time CLS program that begins the following September.

For Information on financial aid (federal and state assistance programs):
Call the financial aid office: 978-630-9169

If you have any questions, call the enrollment center at 978-630-9238 or email at enrollment@mwcc.mass.edu

If you have questions or need assistance, please call Cheryl Wilson, Ph.D. at 978-630-9433 or email at cwilson14@mwcc.mass.edu