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Northwest Worcester County presents a relatively rural setting within proximity to some of the largest urban and residential areas of New England. MWCC consists of 169 acres of undeveloped diverse plant communities, two pond communities, and a Life Studies Center consisting of a greenhouse, potting area, and a small garden. The Natural Resources Degree program provides an ecologically-based generalist with a background in practical plant science, animal science, and environmental sampling skills. The general consensus from an advisory board consisting of representatives from green industries including nurseries, vegetation control, and organic farming centers indicates a need for workers with an education in the foundation of ecology. Discussions with leaders in green industries have provided the opportunity for placements in these various job settings allowing the acquisition of practical job skills with completion of practicum experiences.

The following job/position titles were indicated in a survey of prospective employers. These are positions a graduate in Natural Resources could attain:

  1. Staff scientist
  2. Fisheries
  3. Natural resources technician
  4. Biological technician
  5. Forest technician
  6. Wildlife biologist
  7. Field resource technician
  8. Environmental scientist
  9. Forestry technician
  10. Environmental specialist
  11. Timber technician
  12. Staff engineer
  13. Bio technician
  14. Environmental technician
  15. Fisheries technician
  16. Wetlands biologist
  17. Environmental biology assistant
  18. Fish/wildlife technician