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Incoming students: You are welcome to commence your academic program as a member of the college’s selective Honor Program. If you are entering MWCC with an exemplary high school record that includes:

  • Combined (critical reading, mathematics, and writing) SAT Reasoning Test scores above 1650 OR
    Combined (critical reading and mathematics) SAT Reasoning Test scores above 1100;
  • A high school QPA of 3.3 or higher; and/or
  • A high school class rank in the top 15 percent.*

*Class rank to be determined after six or seven completed high school semesters by the sending secondary school.

*Candidates must schedule an interview with the Honors Program coordinator for consideration.

Students interested in exploring the honors Program may consider enrolling in Honors English 102. The course is open to interested students who have completed English 101 with a B+ or better. Students are also required to obtain a letter of recommendation from their ENG101 faculty member. Enrollment in the honors Program is not required to enroll in this course, but is encouraged. The course is an Honors level version of the standard ENG102.

Currently enrolled students – Students should make an appointment to meet with the Honors coordinator to discuss academic preparation and the following requirements:

  • QPA of 3.3 based on a minimum of 12 credits; and
  • Two recommendations from MWCC faculty.

Program Requirements

  • Maintain a 3.3 QPA. If QPA drops, Honors students are allowed one probationary semester to continue in the program and raise their cumulative average.
  • Maintain a minimum “B” in all designated Honors courses.
  • Complete a math (MAT143 or higher) and a lab science course.
  • Complete Honors English (ENG201), after completing ENG101 and ENG102. Honors English is offered exclusively to Honors students.
  • Two Honors courses:
    These may be “component” courses already required by a student’s degree program (must be approved as component courses), or specifically designed Honors courses. A component course requires additional activities such as independent research, one-on-one tutorials, and/or a special project. Component courses result from a written agreement between a faculty member and a student, approval of the division dean, and the Honors Program coordinator.
  • One Honors Colloquium course:
    Honors students enroll in the colloquium course after completing ENG201 and one of the two required Honors courses. Exclusively for Honors students, the colloquium is interdisciplinary in nature and designed by MWCC faculty and approved by the Honors Committee.
* Under certain circumstances, Honors Program requirements may be substituted with the approval of the Honors Program Committee.