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Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (SACC)1

Counselor assisting a peerThe substance abuse counseling certificate will prepare students by promoting knowledge of alcoholism and drug abuse, to gain experience with alcohol and drug abuse counseling; assessment; clinical evaluations; treatment planning and case management, patient, family and community education (for alcohol and drugs, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, tobacco cessation, etc.); cultural competency and/or other co-existing issue and knowledge of appropriate ethics and responsibilities of a substance abuse counselor. Collectively this will prepare students for certification and as a Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor (CADC). This certification would allow for individuals to seek employment within the industry.

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Community Health Worker Certificate (CHWC)1

chwcCommunity Health Workers (CHWs) teach people how to live healthy lives and how to avoid costly diseases and medical procedures. They also help people who may already have a chronic disease (such as asthma or diabetes) manage their diseases in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room. CHWs perform activities to promote, support, and protect the health of individuals, families and communities.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Pre-Law Track (LAWT)

prelawLAWT is designed for those students seeking to transfer on to a four year institution in a PreLaw curriculum. This track of study is most appropriate for those students desiring to enter into Law School after they receive their bachelors degree. It is designed to give students strong research, writing and analytical skills along with substantive legal knowledge as essential outcomes for students completing this field of study.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Earth Systems Track (LAES)

earthsciThis program is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelors degree in earth systems, geology, meteorology, or environmental studies. With a bachelor’s degree students may pursue careers as a geologist, seismologist, environmental consultant, environmental safety consultant, soil scientist, atmospheric scientist, or earth science teacher.

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Public Relations Certificate (PRC)1

pubrelationsThe Public Relations Certificate is designed to provide the public relations practitioner, small business owner, and those interested in entering the field of public relations the knowledge, skills, and abilities critical for success. Most of the courses in this program can be completed online or during the day or evening.

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1 The program has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; financial aid approval is pending.