Complementary Health Care

Practice Holistic Healing

Are you ready to challenge your own assumptions about health, healing, and the body? Can you envision yourself adding holistic health approaches to your current job or working as an integrative health practitioner?

In this 8-course program, you will gain knowledge of mind-body-spirit medicine from both scientific and philosophical sources. You will discuss the need to engage the human spirit to effectively deal with change. Wellness and disease will be explored in terms of their relation to lifestyle behaviors, responses to change and transition, and consciousness (sometimes called mindfulness or moment-to-moment awareness).

You’ll get great classes like:

  • Foundations of Yoga
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
  • Reiki: Traditional Usui Method
  • Transforming Stress

Career Impact

Courses completed as part of this certificate program can be applied to the Complementary Health Care Associate’s Degree program.


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"I found the professors to be well educated medical professionals who love to share their knowledge of traditional and complementary therapies. It is their dedication to lifelong learning that inspired me to continue my education and pursue a bachelor's degree."

Ann Giaquinto Scott, 2018, Complementary Healthcare

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