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All about Mount Wachusett Community College refunds

 BankMobile logoBankMobile Disbursements (formerly Higher One) has partnered with Mount Wachusett Community College to deliver refunds.

If you are a new student to Mount Wachusett Community College, look for your Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile. It will arrive in a bright green envelope.

Click here to go to the BankMobile homepage.

Once it arrives, you’ll simply use your personal code inside to let us know how you’d like to receive your refund. 

BankMobile is committed to:

  • Providing students with clear choices
  • Keeping student data secure
  • Allowing students to change refund preferences at any time
  • Offering great customer service


What are my options for receiving all student refunds, including financial aid refunds?

Your options include having your refund:

  1. Electronic deposit to a bank account.
  2. Electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Account. 
  3. Paper check delivered by USPS. 

How will I know when my refund is available?

You will receive an email when your refund is available. 

Can I have my refund deposited to another bank account?

Yes, you can. 

Can I select a paper check instead?

You may choose to have a paper check sent to you via regular mail. However, a paper check may take up to 5-7 days from the day the college releases the funds.

To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.