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What degrees and certificates are available?

There are over 40 academic programs offered at MWCC.  See a complete list of all programs of study at MWCC.

When do classes start?

Credit courses start and end based on the MWCC academic calendar.  Non-credit courses are offered at varying times throughout the semester.

Who can attend MWCC?

Everyone! Whether you need your high school equivalency, a college degree, training for career enhancement, or courses that make your leisure time more enjoyable, you can find it at MWCC. We even have courses especially for children.

How do I apply?

You can apply online, print a paper application, visit the Admissions Office, or contact the college at 978-630-9110.  You can also review all of the Steps to Enrollment.

When do I apply?

Most MWCC programs are open admission, which means there is no application deadline. You can begin when it’s convenient for you.  For selective admission programs, where an applicant must not only apply to the college, but also to the program, there are some additional selective admissions requirements.

How much does a class cost?

Credit courses are charged Tuition and Fees.  Non-credit courses have special program fees, depending on the course.  Questions about non-credit courses’ fees can be made of the Lifelong Learning Office at 978-630-9525.

Can I afford to attend MWCC?

A community college education is the most affordable way to complete your first two years of college!  The earlier you apply for financial aid, the more favorable your financial aid package may be.  An interest-free monthly payment plan is also available for new and continuing students.  For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 978-630-9169 or financialaid@mwcc.mass.edu, or visit the Student Accounts website. 

How do I apply for financial assistance to attend college?

The Financial Aid Office can help you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and also to apply for the many scholarships and grants offered through the MWCC Foundation.  For help, contact the Financial Aid Office at 978-630-9169.

Why go to a community college when I can go right to a four-year college?

A community college education is the most affordable way to complete your first two years of college!  College credits earned here are transferable and many MWCC programs are designed for students who plan to continue their education.  Also, if you meet certain qualifications, you will be guaranteed admission and/or thirty-three percent off tuition at participating Massachusetts public colleges and universities.

Do I need to take any special testing for admission?

MWCC does not require the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for admission.  After being accepted to MWCC, you will be assessed to ensure that you will be placed in courses that match your academic abilities.

Must I choose a program of study before I enroll?

No, you can enroll in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program, General Studies program, or enroll as a non-degree (non-matriculating) student.  If, after speaking with an admissions representative, you still need help or advice in choosing a program of study or career path, contact the Advising Center at 978-630-9109.

Does MWCC offer academic support services?

The Academic Support Center at MWCC offers free individualized assistance in academic subjects to all students.  You are welcome to visit the office, Monday through Friday, on a drop-in basis for assistance or contact the office at 978-630-9333.  Also the Academic Support Center offers an array of services for students with disabilities including:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Note-taking services
  • Textbook recording services
  • Testing accommodations
  • Equipment loan of tape recorders, electronic spell checkers, speaking vocabulary masters, dictionaries, thesauruses, and accounting or study skills videotapes.
  • And more…

Is MWCC accessible for students with disabilities?

All MWCC campuses are fully accessible. For more information about accessibility, visit the disability services office website or call 978-630-9120.

More Questions?

Contact the Office of Admissions at 978-630-9110 or admissions@mwcc.mass.edu.