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transfer_yasmineStudents seeking to transfer credits to MWCC should submit an official transcript from each institution for which he/she is seeking the transfer of credits. 

Paper transcripts can be sent to:

         Mount Wachusett Community College
         Records Office
         444 Green Street
         Gardner, MA 01440

Electronic transcripts should be sent as follows:

         Electronic official military transcripts can be sent to r_forest@mwcc.mass.edu.
         All other electronic official transcripts can be sent to records@mwcc.mass.edu.

Upon receipt of the transcript(s), the college will verify the accreditation of the institution(s); and if comparable regional accreditation exists, the college will review the courses to determine comparability with MWCC courses.

Where an equivalent course exists, credit will be granted for that course with a non-weighted QPA grade being awarded (e.g. TA, TB, TC, etc.). Where no equivalent course exists, but it is determined that the course is eligible for transfer based on college-level work and the applicability toward the student’s declared degree or certificate program, the course will be awarded transfer credit in the field of study most closely aligned to the course.  The minimum course grade/qualitative point average required for credits to transfer to MWCC is C-/1.7. Certain programs of study may have higher grade point average requirements for designated courses in their program. Students should consult their degree requirements for specific program differences. Non-graded course work will not be transferred (e.g. pass/fail courses). An exception will be made if the transcript indicates that a “Passing” grade equates to a letter grade of C- or better (and the student has earned a grade of C- or better); and such grades will be recorded as “TP”. Courses taken more than ten years prior are subject to approval. If a student changes a program, the college will re-evaluate transcripts to provide up-to-date information. The maximum number of allowable transfer credits is 30.

Determinations of transfer credit will be made within a reasonable period of time after the receipt of the official transcript and all required additional documentation. Notice to the student will be given at the time of the completed evaluation.

Credits earned at non-accredited institutions or institutions with accreditations different from MWCC will receive the following review processes:

  1. The student should submit official transcript(s) from the institution(s) for which he/she is seeking transfer credit.
  2. The college follows the American Council on Education’s (ACE) published recommendations on the transfer of non-accredited institutions including military and credit for training programs.
    These guidelines are published at http://www.acenet.edu/AM/Template.cfm?Section=CCRS
  3. For credits earned from international institutions, the college will follow the guidelines established by National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES).
  4. The college may, at its discretion, form articulation agreements with non-regionally accredited institutions or organizations that will dictate the transfer of credit for students transferring between them.
  5. In compliance with the most current Massachusetts Quinn Bill revisions, the college may only accept certain credits for criminal justice students and/or courses. This may restrict the college’s general policy for the granting of credit for life experience or military credits in this case.

Any student who feels as though an error or omission has occurred in the evaluation of his/her transfer credit may appeal the situation to the transfer ombudsperson whose responsibility is to ensure institutional compliance with transfer policies and procedures. The transfer ombudsperson is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and they can be reached at 978-630-9288. The Transfer Credit Evaluation Team has been established as a standing subcommittee of the MWCC Academic Council with additional representation from the MWCC Records Office. The group will meet once per semester when any significant transfer issue arises that requires their input.

For more information on transferring credits out of MWCC to another college or university, please click here.