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to succeed. Academic Advising can help.


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What is Academic Advising @ MWCC?

Academic Advising is a collaborative process between you, your faculty and academic advisors, using a team approach, designed to help you develop skills you need to succeed in college and transition to life after you leave MWCC.

Academic Advising includes five areas of specialization organized around your Program of Study. These include:

Each area of specialization offers free workshops for students online as well as the opportunity to come in and work with someone one-on-one. What you experience will help you be successful while here at MWCC. We use Active Learning Strategies to mirror the expectations of the classroom. As a result, you will:

  • Be more comfortable in the classroom having had this experience from your first interactions here on campus;
  • Gain the skills you need to be an active learner in the classroom;
  • Participate in discussions with your peers and faculty;
  • Question the content in order to make connections to prior knowledge and experience;
  • Learn how to use your communication skills to articulate your goals and discuss those goals with your professors, your peers and potential employers;
  • Develop an academic plan leading to your success!

Why would I see an Advisor?

If you’re asking yourself any or all of the following questions, academic advising can help. In fact ANY question is a good reason to see your advisor!

  • I need to talk to someone who is a subject-matter expert in my field of study. Who is that?
  • What is my overall academic plan leading to graduation? How do I plan my life while I’m here?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • What is my career path and how do I get there?
  • How do I manage my money, or make sense of the Financial Aid process?
  • I want to transfer. How do I do that? What do I need to know? Who can help me?
  • I don’t have a goal. How do I get one? How do I reach the one I already have?

Who is my Advisor?

Advising at Mount Wachusett Community College is a team of professionals working together to help you reach your goals. These professionals include faculty in your program and advising staff at all campuses.

Many students have a faculty member as their academic advisor – an expert in your field of study! In addition, all students are welcome to see Academic Advisors in the Advising Center (Gardner) or at the Leominster and Devens campuses. You can look up your Academic Advisor in iConnect, or stop by the Advising Center for discussions around Student Success, Program of Study, Career, Financial Literacy, or Transfer. You can also stop by just to chat – we’re here to support you!

Where and How does Academic Advising happen?

Advisors are available to you in your classrooms (your faculty!), in the Advising Center at the Gardner Campus (Room 071), at the Leominster and Devens campuses, on the phone, or online.

You can receive academic advising via:

Need help right now? Call us at 978-630-9109, or drop by room 071 on the Gardner campus.

Should you call, email, or facebook message us please include both your name and student ID number so we can serve your request quickly.