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The Advising Center is here to help you throughout your time at Mount Wachusett Community College. Do not hestitate to contact us via phone, email, or even on Facebook.


Gardner: 978-630-9109
Leominster: 978-630-9810
Devens: 978-630-9569


Meet Our Staff

Our majors are divided into Schools. In addition to your faculty, each School has a set of specialized Academic Advisors. For a full list of which majors fall into which Division, see: Some majors fall into different divisions for Advising purposes only.

Although all our advisors are trained to understand all majors, working with an advisor within their specialty allows for more detailed knowledge about those programs. Additionally, each advisor has a sub-specialty in a particular content area, noted in italics.

The School of Business, Science, Technology & Mathematics:

Dawn Babineau, Academic Counselor – Disability Support (Perkins)
Specialty: Career
| 978-630-9582

Michelle Contey, Academic Counselor – TOP/Section 30/Trade
Specialty: Satellite (Leominster & Gardner)
| 978-630-9482Science Division

Limari Rivera, Academic Counselor – Transfer
Specialty: Transfer
| 978-630-9197

Liza Smith, Assistant Director, Academic Advising
Specialty: Student Success | 978-630-9551

The School of Health Professions, Public Service Programs & Social Sciences:

Erin Battistoni, Academic Counselor – Student Success Specialist (Title III)
Specialty: Student Success
| 978-630-9321

Sue Blain, Academic AdvisorHealth Division
Specialty: Career
| 978-630-9854

Jaime Dumont-McEvoy, Academic Counselor – Leominster Campus (Perkins)
Specialty: Satellite (Leominster)
| 978-630-9824

Elaine Murray, Academic Counselor
Specialty: Transfer
| 978-630-9116

Sandy Tavares, Academic Counselor – Selective Health Programs (Perkins)
Specialty: Financial Literacy
| 978-630-9438

The School of Liberal Arts, Education, Humanities & Communications:

Jose Mangual, Academic Counselor – ESL – Leominster Campus (Perkins)
Specialty: Satellite (Leominster)
| 978-630-9818

Stephanie Marchetti, Academic Counselor – Financial Literacy
Specialty: Financial Literacy
| 978-630-9339Liberal Arts Division

Christine Rayner, Academic Counselor – Career
Specialty: Career
| 978-630-9308

Karin Sanieski, Academic Counselor – Title III
Specialty: Transfer
| 978-630-9477