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be our guest

  • Are you a current student at another college/university who wants to take a class or two at MWCC?
  • Do you want to transfer credit back to your current institution?
  • Does your transcript(s) show successful completion of pre-requisite courses?
  • Are you not seeking financial aid and plan to pay out of pocket for your classes?
  • Are you not planning to declare a major here at MWCC?

If all of these statements apply to you, then you are a Guest Student. We Welcome you to join us at MWCC!

As a Guest Student, you will not need to attend a SMART Start registration event to enroll in classes. Your next steps are:

  • Submit an application here
  • Obtain an official or unofficial transcript from your current college or university
  • Set up your MWCC iConnect and email accounts (instructions below)
  • Make an appointment to meet one-on-one with an advisor – bring your transcript(s) with you!*

*If you are unable to come to campus, we can advise you via a phone appointment with Admissions (978-630-9110) or Advising (978-630-9109). You may also email requests, along with copies of your unofficial transcript(s), to advisor@mwcc.mass.edu or admissions@mwcc.mass.edu, as long as your MWCC iConnect and email accounts have been set up.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to register for most courses, your transcript(s) will need to demonstrate successful competition of pre-requisite courses at your current college/university. For example, if you wanted to register for ENG 102 and transfer it back to your current college/university, your transcript needs to show successful completion of ENG 101 (or its equivalent).


 Next Steps:

  • Activate your iConnect account (and learn how to use it here). You will use iConnect to:
    • Access online course content
    • Check and pay your bill
    • Check your schedule and find your books

activating iConnect

  • Activate your MWCC email account
    • Your MWCC email account is your official means of communication with MWCC. You should be checking your email on a daily basis.
    • If you prefer to have your email go to your home institution’s account or a personal email account, you can forward your messages to another email account by clicking on the settings button.
    • Your email address will be your iConnect username@mwcc.edu. For Example, if your username is “tjones,” then your MWCC email address will be tjones@mwcc.edu.

activating email

  • Make payment arrangements
    • You can pay in full, or via a payment plan. Guest Students are not eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Payment can be made in person (cash, check or credit card) at the Student Accounts Office or electronically through iConnect. The  Pay My Bill option is in the top navigation bar once you log in to iConnect
  • Review the Academic Calendar
    • The Academic Calendar is available here. It’s also located on the right hand side of your iConnect account.
    • Please note important dates such as the end of the Add/Drop period and last date to withdraw from a class. Definitions of these important terms are on the academic calendar.


 Other helpful info:

  • The WebConnect icon is under “My Apps” in iConnect. There are instructions for this app here, and they will help you use this section of the site to:
    • Access your Student Records
    • View your Class Schedule and Final Grades
    • View/Print your Unofficial Transcript
    • View your bill and payment history
  • The Blackboard app is also under “My Apps.”
    • Blackboard is MWCC’s Online Learning management program. It is similar to Moodle, and other programs you may have used for online courses. You will use your iConnect user name and login to access your courses in Blackboard.
    • Both online and in-person courses use Blackboard, so check your syllabi and talk with your professors to see how they use it