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Mount Wachusett has many resources to help make sure your education here goes as smoothly as possible- both electronic and on paper.

All MWCC students have access to iConnect, which is a tool that allows you to keep up to date with exactly what is happening at Mount Wachusett and your student record. By logging in regularly and learning how to use all of the apps available, you can take control of your education.

In addition to having the student life calendar, faculty absence list, and weekly Green Street Café menu right at your fingertips, you’ve also got a whole section of apps that are personalized to you:

Blackboard: All online courses are run via Blackboard, and many in-person classes have a blackboard component to them to. Take the easy on-line tutorial at http://bb.mwcc.edu. Click on “Login” and type in “demo” as the username and password.

 eTutoring: Professional tutors are available 7 days a week through eTutoring for help with math, accounting, statistics, biology, A&P, chemistry, and writing. Check out the eTutoring schedule here.

 E-mail: All students have an email account via MWCC, which is powered through Gmail, and it can be linked to your personal e-mail account if you’d like. It’s important to check your email several times a week, as it is the main form of communication used by MWCC.

 WebConnect: You can use WebConnect to register for classes, print and view your schedule, and check on your financial aid award. Check here for a step-by-step walk through on how to do each. If you’re just looking for a quick sheet on financial aid and checking your transcripts, that’s available here.

 DegreeWorks: DegreeWorks can help you track your classes, register for upcoming classes, and determine what courses are needed for your major. Learn more about it here, or attend a workshop to learn exactly how to use it!

 Atomic Learning: This is an online learning training and professional development app filled with tutorials for all things technology related. Click in and search for whatever you want to learn more about.