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3 Plus ONE logoMount Wachusett Community College has forged new agreements with 4-year institutions which allow you to earn your associate degree at MWCC, take approximately 30 additional credits at MWCC, and transfer them to your choice of one of our partners’ 3 Plus ONE bachelor degree programs.

Take approximately 30 prescribed credits at one of the 4-year institutions and you can earn your bachelor degree.

  • Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska (all majors)
  • Charter Oak State College, New Britain, Connecticut (all majors)
  • Elms College, Springfield, MA (Nursing and Human Services majors)
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, Massachusetts (Nursing majors)
  • Nichols College, Dudley, Massachusetts (Business majors)
  • Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts (Nursing majors)

Sure, there are a lot of questions and things to think about, but here is one example of how it works:

transferThe 4-year colleges have carefully looked at MWCC’s academic programs and determined how our courses best fit into their programs. There are suggested courses that you can choose that will help the transfer program proceed smoothly.

  • When you receive your MWCC associate degree, from specific programs, apply to the 4-year institution and select from a prescribed group of courses for your 30 additional credits that are taken at MWCC at MWCC’s low cost tuition and fees.
  • Upon completion of the 30 additional credits, you are ready to begin the remaining 30-45 credits from the 4-year college to earn your bachelor degree. The tuition and fees charged are those of the 4-year institution, but your savings are significant because you pay MWCC prices for three years.
  • In most cases, the agreements give you the option to take the final 30-45 credits of the bachelor degree at the 4-year college campus, at an MWCC off-campus site, or online. Flexibility is built into the 3 Plus ONE concept.