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Charter Oak State College logoMinimum Qualifications:
Complete requirements available in the Advising Center - room 125 (Gardner Campus).


Moses Terrell Adgers, Sr. Associate

Cost Summary

Cost of attending MWCC for 3 years plus Charter Oak State College for ONE year:
MWCC – Associate Degree: *(60credits x $190) $11,400
MWCC – up to 27 additional credits: (27 credits x $190) (Financial aid available for qualifying students.) $5,130
Charter Oak State College – 36 credits: **(36 credits x $339) – Does not include $240 registration fee per semester $12,204
Cost of four-year undergraduate degree: $28,734
*Total number of credits for associate’s degree varies
**Total number of credits vary depending on degree Costs includes tuition and fees – other charges may apply. Costs are subject to change without notice.


MWCC Associate Degree

Charter Oak State College Degree

All MWCC degrees Websites: To apply online - http://www.cosc.edu/
www.charteroak.edu/prospective/programs/concentrations.cfm www.charteroak.edu/prospective/programs/degree.cfm http://www.charteroak.edu/current/sfa/consortium-information.cfm