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Yasmine Kanaan

Yasmine Kanaan

  • Class of 2015, Business Administration
  • Transferred to University of Massachusetts

Boston native Yasmine Kanaan enrolled at Mount Wachusett Community College in 2014 to redirect her academic and career goals. In May 2015, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and has transferred to UMass to earn a bachelor’s degree in finance and management, followed by an MBA and a law degree. Her ultimate goal is to work in sports management with a professional sports team.

“My rise was not easy, and my journey continues as I work hard to better myself and put the pieces of my life back together. I have gone from a lost young adult with no goals and no identity, to a student with a high GPA, an associate’s degree in business that I was able to complete in one year, and an acceptance to the University of Massachusetts. This was all possible because this college embraced me and opened so many doors for me.”

Savannah Cooke

Savannah Cooke

  • Class of 2015, Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing
  • Transferred to University of New Hampshire
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • STEM Starter

“All of my credits transferred and I’ll be attending UNH as a junior this fall to study Biomedical Science. Starting at MWCC saved me thousands!”

“A community college is a perfect place to start your college experience. It’s affordable, not intimidating like other colleges can be, and it can help you decide where you really want to go in life. It gives you a gentle push, rather than just tossing you into the deep end and saying “hope you can swim” like many larger colleges do. A community college is a welcoming doorway into the rest of your adult life.”

“MWCC was the best choice for me when I was considering which colleges I wanted to go to. As a senior in high school, I didn’t have a set plan for my future. I was still trying to figure it out. I didn’t want to dedicate myself to a wildly expensive 4 year college and later find out that the major I had chosen wasn’t for me. MWCC was the solution to my problems. It offered a wide array of majors at an affordable price, and the programs are as high quality as you’d expect from a 4 year college. I chose MWCC because it allowed me to dip my toes in the water before taking a dive into my future.”

“The transfer process was relatively smooth for me. I’m going to be attending the University of New Hampshire in Durham. I was excited upon learning that all of my credits from the Mount transferred! All of my general education and some curriculum courses are taken care of, so I’ll be able to go into my 4 year program as a junior. How great is it that I took about 2 years of my 4 year college classes at the price of a community college? Saved me thousands.”

“What I really love about biotechnology is no matter what area of biotech you choose to go in, you’re going to be helping someone/something, be it people, animals, or the environment. I want to leave a positive impact on the world, and biotechnology is helping me to do just that.”

“My professors at the Mount were amazing! No exaggeration. They were friendly, attentive, experienced, and loved what they were teaching. If I could take some of my professors with me to my new college to teach me more, I would in a heartbeat.”

“In the future, I plan to work in a hospital lab as a certified medical laboratory scientist. I would be perfectly happy with any career that requires me to work in a lab, but that is my top goal.”

Bryan Sanderson

Bryan Sanderson

  • Class of 2014, Human Services
  • Transferred to Clark University
  • Veteran, Newman Civic Fellow, Students SOS Founder

After learning that many community college students struggle to stay in school for one reason or another, Bryan Sanderson crafted a success plan for himself. Next, he made it his mission to establish MWCC’s Students Serving Our Students office (Students SOS), located within the college’s Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement.

Student mentors in the SOS office provide peers with information, referrals, and hands-on assistance with life issues that are posing barriers to their academic success, such as childcare, transportation issues, financial assistance, food assistance, housing and heating oil assistance, as well as guidance for on-campus tutoring and other support services.

“In the military, you’re always looking out for the person next to you. And that’s what we do in the SOS office. Students come to us with an issue or several issues. We’re not counselors, but we put on a counselor hat because we want to help them figure out the root problem that is keeping them from being successful.”
For his initiative, Bryan received the Newman Civic Fellow Award from Campus Compact, which promotes student involvement in community and service learning programs.

Bryan enlisted in the Marines out of high school and following four years of military service, worked as a carpenter for about two decades. When the economy tanked in 2008, he found himself among the unemployed.
A father of three daughters, Bryan decided to enroll at MWCC to pursue a degree in Human Services, and quickly became a highly engaged role model on campus, including through his involvement with the college’s Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success.

“I think a lot of people my age or even younger think it’s too late to go to college. It’s never too late to improve your situation. If that means going back to school after so many years, it’s not too late. People my age have more to offer because of that life experience.”

He has made the President’s List and Dean’s List for his academic achievements and also has served as a member of the Commonwealth Corps, as a student ambassador on campus, as a peer mentor for fellow veterans, and as an officer in the Veterans Group, which is a chapter of the Student Veterans of America organization. After earning his associate degree in May 2014, and transferred his credits toward a bachelor’s degree at Clark University.

Alyssa Fishenden

Alyssa Fishenden

  • Class of 2012, Art
  • Transferred to Massachusetts College of Art and Design

After graduating from Leominster High School, Alyssa dreamed of studying fashion design, but four years at a private school was simply out of her reach financially. Two years seemed reasonable, so she searched for an affordable alternative that accommodated her work schedule.

“MWCC not only fit that requirement, but it was easy to commute to, had a diverse student body, and a variety of concentrations to choose from. MWCC put me on the path to where I am now by helping me focus on a particular area of my art concentration.”

After graduating in May 2012, she transferred to Massachusetts College of Art and Design to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Production.