Advising Workshops



Our Advising Curriculum, which includes our Advising Workshops, is divided into five modules. Click on any of the images below to read more, or see the full calendar of workshops to plan your semester (click on any event for full details)!

Student Success SquareStudent Success is a key area of academic advising. We want to help you practice your ability to organize, assess yourself as a student, communicate, collaborate, and think critically and creatively. If you are looking to improve your student skills (study habits, time management, organization) or learn how to plan out your education, this is the place for you. There is so much more to school then just attending class and doing the homework – and because of that we’ve developed a series of workshops that will provide you helpful tips for success, both educationally and personally.


Program of Study SquareProgram of Study: MWCC is a liberal arts school, which means that not all courses you take are specific to your intended career. There are over 30 degrees and certificates offered at Mount Wachusett Community College, and each one has its own set of requirements. Some programs are open to all students, while some are limited admission and require specific pre-requisite courses and applications. It is important that you know exactly which courses you need to take, and when to take them. Make sure you take all the right steps!


Career SquareCareer: If you’re having trouble fine-tuning which major is right for you or need assistance preparing your resume or applying for a job, we’re here to help. Finding the right career is the whole reason you are here, so you want to be sure you are using all the tools available to you before you graduate. Come to each workshop, or just the ones that apply to you. After the workshop if you still need more help, or if you can not attend a workshop, visit the Advising Center in room 116 on the Gardner campus (or by appointment on the Leominster campus) and meet one-on-one with our career counselor!


Financial Literacy SquareFinancial Literacy: Attending school is not free, but there are dozens of resources available to you that are. Learn more about applying for the FAFSA, researching scholarships, and managing your money. The ability to finance your life and education at the same time isn’t easy. You’ve got to balance tuition and books, transportation, rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, and so much more. Don’t get overwhelmed, get educated!


Transfer SquareTransfer Advising encompasses many different things, and is personalized to your needs. MWCC participates in the MassTransfer program with public colleges throughout the state. Also, we have 3+1 agreements with private schools, and we regularly have admissions counselors from 4 year schools visiting our campus. Annually, students transfer from MWCC to more than 60 different colleges and universities across the United States! Get all the facts and details here.

Resources: There is so much technology right at your fingertips! Tips about using iConnect and DegreeWorks, information on how to register for courses online, and so much more is just a click away.

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