Nichols College

Nichols College logoMinimum Qualifications:

  • Earn an associate degree at MWCC
  • Overall grade point average of 2.0 [C]

Complete requirements available in the Advising Center, room 116.

Contact person:

Nora Luquer
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Cost Summary

Cost of attending MWCC for 3 years Plus Nichols College for ONE year:
MWCC – Associate Degree (62 credits x $190): $11,780
MWCC – 30 additional credits (Financial aid available for qualifying students.) (30 credits x $190): $5,700
Nichols College – 30 credits (30 credits x $300): $9,000
Cost of four-year undergraduate degree:* $26,480
Costs includes tuition and fees – other charges may apply.
Costs are subject to change without notice.

***The degree plan table below is a sample of courses.  An official degree audit will be sent once a student applies and is accepted.

MWCC Associate Degree

Nichols College Degree

Business Administration Transfer Business Administration in General Business