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  • Interests

Interests = Passion = Codes = Find Your Passion

  • Skills

A skill is something you have learned to do well in life and/or in a job.  Skills are portable.  You take them with you wherever you go.  It’s like having a toolbox with you all the time.  Each job requires a certain skill set.  As you go from job to job, you add more skills to your skill sets.


  • Abilities

Having ability means being able to do something with competence and confidence.  Testing yourself on what you have learned is one way to measure abilities.  Successfully applying what you have learned solidifies your abilities.


  • Values

Knowing what your values are helps you to identify what is important to you in life and at work.  Some values that may be important to you are:

    • Being free
    • Helping others
    • Making money
    • Working outdoors
    • Having a steady job
    • Having people respect me
    • Having my kind of lifestyle
    • Opportunity to learn
    • Working regular hours 
    • Achieving my creative potential
    • Experiencing career fulfillment
    • Working with people I like
    • Doing technical work
    • Exhibiting leadership
    • Putting my personal life ahead of my job
    • Living where I want to live



  • Personality

MWCC students can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify valuable differences between normal, healthy people.   Understanding the uniqueness of individuals can lead to more understanding and less miscommunication.  Administration and interpretation of the MBTI personality type instrument is available to MWCC students by appointment.  Call 978.630.9109 to schedule an appointment or email ngreenlaw@mwcc.mass.edu for more information.

 Once you have a sense of who you are, examine Where Am I Going? for further guidance.