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Students with laptopChoosing a career that fits you and then finding that perfect job can be a daunting task.  Use the following pages to explore various topics that may help you as get started on your pathway to success.

Topics include:

  • Envisioning the Life you Want to Live-If you have been in the job search for some time, it can be hard to create a vision of what you want to pursue.  This page gives you some easy tips to reconnecting with your dreams and creating goals you can work toward achieving.
  • Career Exploration-Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?  Use this page to find resources and ideas to help you find the career that is the best fit for you.
  • Setting Achievable Goals-create timelines for short-term, mid-term and longer term goals and find ways to stay movitated using tips from this page
  • Tools for Applying for Work: Cover Letters, Resumes and References-use these guides to help you apply for your dream job and create polished, professional application materials
  • Conducting a Successful Job Search-Use this page to help you strategize your job search and land the job you want
  • Networking-What is networking?  How can you use social media to help jumpstart your job serach?  Find out more here.
  • Preparing for Interviews-Ace the interview with these practical tips and feel confident by reviewing sample interview questions and responses
  • Transitioning Back to Work-Get organized and prepared for success using these practical tips
  • Transistioning Back to School-Been away from school for a while?  Use these tips to make your transition to school easier and create academic success.
  • Characteristics of Valued Employees-Get the inside track on what makes an employee stand out
  • Balancing Work and School-So, you’ve landed the job you wanted and you’re pursuing further training to advance your career?  Use these tips to be more effective at home and at work.
  • Tips for Career Changers-Use these tips to help ease the transition to your new career