Business Administration Certificate (BUC)

This program offers a broad array of courses, exposing students to the skills and knowledge needed for a business career. It is a great option for those who have a limited amount of time to attain an education, would like a background in business, or would like to explore business before pursuing a degree.

Number Suggested Course Order Cr Semester Grade Prerequisites/Notes
ACC101 Principles of Accounting I


    FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
CIS127 Computer Technologies


    ENG098, FYE101, RDG098, or placement
ENG101 English Composition I


    ENG098, FYE101, RDG098, or placement
MKT142 Marketing


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
ACC102 Principles of Accounting II


MGT210 Principles of Management


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
MAT126 Topics in Mathematics (or higher)


    MAT096 or placement
MGT110 Small Business Management


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
                                             Total: 24 credits

Campus/format: A majority of this program can be completed online or during the day or evening at the Gardner or Leominster Campuses.

Helpful hints: More advanced CIS or MAT selections may be substituted on approval of the division dean.

Students must spend additional time outside of class completing assignments. It is not advisable for full-time students to work full-time.

Transfer options: Some courses in this program may be applied to MWCC’s Business Administration—Career Degree and Business Administration—Transfer Degree. Consult with your academic advisor.

Special requirements: Technical standards must be met with or without accommodations.

Career options: Graduates can pursue entry-level positions in business. Those who continue their education can pursue higher-level careers.

Earning potential: Varies according to industry.

Technical Standards*

*general information about technical standards and accommodation.

Students entering these programs must be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Comprehend textbook material at the 11th grade level.
  • Communicate and assimilate information either in spoken, printed, signed, or computer voice format.
  • Gather, analyze, and draw conclusions from data.
  • Manipulate small items such as a mouse or keyboard.
  • Read data from a computer screen.
  • Sit or stand for prolonged periods of time.

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