Energy Management Certificate (EGC)

This program will help students gain skills needed to work in energy services industries. Students learn how to develop and implement energy conservation and efficiency projects, programs, and policies that reduce operating costs and the impact on the environment. Courses will focus on a variety of content areas such as energy auditing, renewable energy, building performance, and sustainability.

Number Suggested Course Order


Semester Grade Prerequisites/Notes
ENG101 English Composition I


    ENG098, FYE101, RDG098, or placement
EGM105 Introduction to Energy Management


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
EGM104 Renewable Energy Sources


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
  Business Elective



    Electives: ACC101, BUS105, BUS112, BUS125, BUS224, MGT110, MGT115, MKT142, MKT245
EGM106 Energy Efficiency and Conservation


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
EGM115 Sustainability and the Built


    ENG098, FYE101, RDG098, or placement
EGM 290 Energy Industry Internship or

Business Elective


    EGM Prerequisite: Completion of 10 or more EGM credits

Note: See above Business Electives

EGM125 Energy Analysis and Auditing


    ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement
                                                            Total: 27 credits

Campus/format: A majority of this program can be completed during the evening at the Devens Campus.

Special requirements: Students must meet technical standards with or without accommodations.

Transfer options: This program is intended for immediate career entry. Courses completed as part of this certificate program can be applied to the Energy Management Degree.

Career options: Entry-level employment as energy auditors.

Earning potential: $15-$18 per hour.

Program Competencies for EGC and EGD

Upon graduation from this program, students shall have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Be familiar with the language of alternative energy in relation to technician level employment.
  • Evaluate the energy use patterns for residential and commercial buildings and recommend energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions for high-energy consuming buildings.
  • Understand the interaction among energy-consuming building systems and make recommendations associated with appropriate types of energy audits.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental control systems for commercial and residential energy applications.
  • Construct energy evaluation technical reports and make presentations for potential project implementation.
  • Use appropriate library and information resources to research professional issues and support lifelong learning.
  • Access library, computing, and communications services, and obtain information and data from regional, national, and international networks.
  • Collect and display data as lists, tables, and plots using appropriate technology (e.g., calculators, computer software).
  • Interpret and analyze applicable codes and guidelines promulgated by agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Technical Standards for EGC and EGD

*general information about technical standards and accommodation.

Students entering these programs must be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Comprehend textbook material at the 11th grade level.
  • Communicate and assimilate information either in spoken, printed, signed, or computer voice format.
  • Gather, analyze, and draw conclusions from data.
  • Stand, stoop, and walk for a minimum of three hours.
  • Lift 25 pounds to waist high, shoulder high, and above the head.
  • Manipulate small objects without dropping or damaging them.
  • Determine by touch hotness/coldness, wetness/dryness, or motion/non-motion.
  • Distinguish all colors.
  • Work indoors and outdoors in the presence of loud, repetitious noise levels (not to exceed regulatory standards).

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