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Rep. Todd Smola

Rep. Todd Smola (R-Palmer) guest lecturing a Criminal Investigations course on the JFK Assassination. MWCC Criminal Justice classes have local, state, and federal criminal justice professionals come into class to speak on their areas of expertise. Students also take field trips to local criminal justice facilities including the state police academy and a state prison.

Some of the benefits of MWCC’s Criminal Justice program include:

  • Faculty members who are active in the field
  • Guest lecturers from the criminal justice field who share their experience with MWCC students
  • Networking opportunities: Many area public safety professionals, including police officers, corrections officers, and federal criminal justice employees get their start at MWCC
  • For eligible departments, the Quinn Bill provides incentives for police officers who continue their education. Police officers can receive a 10 percent increase in pay with an associate degree provided they have begun police employment prior to July 1, 2009, and provided they have begun their criminal justice education prior to September 1, 2009. Outside of Massachusetts, many local, state, and federal agencies also offer extra pay for educational achievements, and in just about every agency a criminal justice education is a huge plus, or even an entry level requirement, when applying for employment.
  • Possible opportunities to begin a career after graduating or to continue toward a bachelor’s degree after graduation
  • Per regulations of the Municipal Police Council, those with an associate’s degree are eligible for municipal police deployment with five weeks less of academy training. Check out the Mass. Executive Office of Public Safety website for more information.