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MWCC has many options to help you get the education and training you need. Decide if you would like to earn a certificate or a degree or obtain skills training to help you in your personal or career goals. The main difference: a certificate or degree earn college credit and takes at least one-two years to complete while skills training does not earn college credit and often takes anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.


Credit and noncredit: what’s the difference?


Credit is an official certification recognizing that a student has successfully completed a course of study. Credit from college courses is applied toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Most college courses carry three credits.


A noncredit course does not offer credit toward an academic degree. Most take these courses to enhance their skills or for recreational purposes.

Degree or Certificate


Can be completed in as little as two years full-time, or part-time at whatever pace is best for you. It is challenging to complete most degree programs in two years, and a majority of students take slightly longer. Associate degrees often require the completion of twenty or more courses. Degrees prepare you for a career or transfer to a four-year college or university.


Can be completed in as little as one year full-time, or part-time at whatever pace is best for you. It often requires the completion of nine or more courses. Certificates are a great way to attain quick training to launch a new career, strengthen current skills, or pursue an interest.

To apply to a degree or certificate program, contact the enrollment center; call 978-630-9110 or email admissions@mwcc.mass.edu

Upgrade your skills or take courses for personal enrichment

MWCC has several short-term skill-building and training options to help you in your personal or career goals. These programs often take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. Or, you can enroll in a certificate program, which can be completed in as little as one year full-time, or part-time at whatever pace is best for you.

Professional Development

Can range in length: anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Gain knowledge or skills you need personally or in your career. MWCC offers programs in computers, customer service, education, Spanish, and more. On-campus or online programs are available.

Professional Certificates

Often require at least five classes in a certain subject or area. At the program’s completion, you receive a certificate that verifies your completion of the program. Professional certificates are a great way to validate your achievement, increase your credibility, demonstrate your expertise, and enhance your resume.

Computer Certifications

Often requires a series computer certification courses followed by a certification exam. Passing the exam certifies you. Companies require skilled technicians to support the varied operating systems and hardware found in an IT infrastructure. MWCC’s computer certification programs give students the solid background they need to work with varied operating systems and the complex hardware on which they run. Computer certifications validate your knowledge and skills, gives you proof of professional achievement, and improve your career opportunities.

Community Education

MWCC offers several courses to make your leisure time more enjoyable or help you gain new skills. Take courses in areas including: arts & leisure; career development; home improvement; health, retirement, and personal enrichment; adults 60 and over; new age; just for kids; and ASE/Adult Basic Education.

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