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Getting Started with Blackboard 9.1.13

New Tools

Blackboard Upgrade Going Forward!

(August 15, 2013)

 A final reminder to faculty that MWCC is upgrading our version of Blackboard (from 9.1.9 to 9.1.13) on August 17-18. Please stop using Blackboard at 4:00 PM on Friday August 16 and do not return to it until August 19. Once we confirm the site is back and functioning as expected, we will send an email to faculty. By avoiding the use of Bb from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, you run the least risk of loosing work. There are still seats available in the training sessions scheduled for August 20-30… the schedule is here  (along with registration links).

The “new tools” sessions will be focused around the new features that are outlined in this PDF with includes links to Bb pages that detail the features.


News on the Bb Upgrade August 1:

  1. As you think about refreshing your course for the upcoming semester, check out Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Program Winners for 2013. These courses contain ideas that can be used in all content areas and weith all students. Check out the videos on the “Quick Hits” playlist as well; those introduce many of the tools we will be able to use in the fall.
  2. The upgrade is scheduled for August 17 & 18. Please plan to stop using Blackboard at 4:00 PM on August 16, and do not use it again until you receive an email indicating the system is back up and functioning as expected on Monday August 19.
  3. Many individuals have registered for sessions to introduce/ explore the new version of Blackboard, but there is still space in all of the scheduled sessions. See the schedule and links to register here: (
  4. Remember, we are upgrading to Bb 9.1.13, so we will have access to the tools in both Service Pack 12 and SP 13:

News on the Bb Upgrade July 22:

  1. The course clean-up has generally been completed. We will take a few more steps once Bb makes an archive of our courses on August 1.
  2. We decided to install both service packs 12 and 13 this summer. This will add a few more features, including the ability to see when students accessed tests! You can learn more about the features of SP 12 & 13 at this site:
  3. We will be offering three workshops between August 20 and ending August 30. Check this full schedule ( for specific dates and times; follow a link in the PDF to reserve a space.
  •  Getting Started with Blackboard- This session is designed for those new to Blackboard and it will focus on essential tools to begin supporting both face-to-face and online students.
  • New Tools in Bb- These sessions will focus primarily on the features that are added with our upgrade. (Some of these are scheduled for two hours, others for only one-hour.)
  • Building Your Bb Course- At these sessions, faculty can spend some time exploring the new version of Bb or building and testing new features. Gary will be available to answer questions or give brief demonstrations, but these will be generally unstructured.

In preparation for the upgrade to Blackboard 9.1.13 on August 17 & 18:

  • Explore the new features of the coming version of Blackboard on this page
  • Create an account on CourseSites and explore some of the new features of Blackboard
  • Plan to stop working on your courses on August 16 and return to them on August 19 (Gary Ackerman will send an email on the morning of August 19 to conform that the system is back to normal).
  • Archive your courses and save the .zip file to your own computer (or Titan) for safe-keeping.
  • Remove old Archive and Export files from your courses (see this video


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