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The MWCC Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement is more than a collection of programs or services. Each event we sponsor, every student we place with a local non-profit organization, any ideas we help develop, and all of our non-profit partnerships are part of a larger strategic vision for improving the lives of individuals and families in North Central Massachusetts. We invite you and your organization to help us in this endeavor.

Requirements for MWCC Service Sites

  • Our students are not allowed to provide service in anyone’s home. Your organization must have an office or available public space for use (such as a library).
  • Ensure that someone within your organization has the capacity to oversee and manage your requested project; there are different levels of commitment for service learning, volunteerism or internships. Be sure that you can accommodate someone at an introductory level.
  • Provide a supportive work environment to foster student retention and an ongoing commitment to service.
  • Complete an evaluation for each student placed with your organization.
  • Accommodate a site visit at a mutually convenient time (for organizations hosting internship students or large groups of students).

Hosting MWCC Students for Service Learning or Volunteerism

We invite you to indicate your interest in hosting an MWCC student by joining our community on GivePulse, our platform for publicizing service opportunities and for receiving and verifying student service reports.

GivePulse notifies us each time a new individual or new organization has joined our community, so we will contact you within two weeks and initiate a conversation about your organization’s needs and the needs of our students.

While MWCC accepts and processes service site applications throughout the calendar year, the best time to submit an application is prior to the beginning of each academic semester (August submission for September-December projects; January submission for February-May projects).

If you are in need of assistance in project development, please contact Shelley Errington Nicholson, MWCC Director of Community Learning, at 978-630-9219.