Internships and Co-ops

Internships and co-ops afford you the opportunity to…

– Apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real life situations

– Receive guidance and feedback during the internship co-op period

– Develop additional knowledge and skills

– Establish desirable work habits, attitudes, and communication skills

– Confirm career and academic choices

– Network with professionals in the field

– Increase marketability upon graduation

– Earn academic credit while learning

– Work with diverse populations

Internships and co-ops at MWCC are part of academic courses.  To participate in an internship or co-op, you must enroll in a course that includes an internship or a co-op opportunity.  Consult with your advisor to find and register for an internship course in your major… and then search for the internship or co-op opportunity that best suits you.

Stay tuned to iConnect for announcements of Internship Information Sessions from the MWCC Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement to help you plan your internship or co-op experience.