NobleHour Guidance

The MWCC Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement offers the following guidance for students and faculty using NobleHour, our online platform to publicize local volunteer service opportunities and to collect, verify, and approve timesheets for service learning, internships, externships, and MWCC-affiliated volunteer service.


Please click the question below that most closely corresponds to the matter for which you seek guidance.  If you do not see your concern listed here, please contact the Center at 978-630-9435.  Thank you.


Guidance for students  (Guidance for faculty and staff is provided further down this same page.)


    • (Coming soon) “I never received an invitation to NobleHour for my service learning course.”
    • (Coming soon) “I am graduating from MWCC or transferring out of MWCC.  Can I keep my NobleHour account after I graduate but associate the account with a different email address?”

 Guidance for faculty and staff:


    • (Coming soon) “I don’t see ‘Hour Tracking’ on my NobleHour menu.”… or … “I don’t see MWCC’s logo at the top of my NobleHour screen.”
    • (Coming soon) “How will I know when a student has submitted a timesheet for my review?”
    • (Coming soon) “Where can I see who verified my student’s timesheet?”
    • (Coming soon) “Where can I see the activities my student has reported on his or her timesheet?”
    • (Coming soon) “Why is NobleHour asking me for a verification code — and where do I get that code?”
    • (Coming soon) “My student’s timesheet has not been verified by the student’s community host site for over two weeks.  What might be delaying the verification?”
    • (Coming soon) “I had requested community site verification of my students’ timesheets, but would now like to discontinue that requirement.  How do I remove the site verification requirement for my course group on NobleHour?”
    • (Coming soon) “I’m not receiving email notifications when my students submit timesheets for my review.”
    • (Coming soon) “I’m receiving too many email notifications from NobleHour.  Can I turn off the notifications and just review my NobleHour account periodically instead?”