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Scholarships Currently Available for Only MWCC Students

STEM-SET Scholarship

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is supporting MWCC students with scholarship funds. To be eligible, students must be pursuing a STEM degree with a major such as Biotechnology (BTD or BTDQ), Computer Information Systems (CIS), Natural Resources (NRD), Liberal Arts Biology (LAB), Chemistry (LACH), Physics/Pre-Engineering (LAEP), or Energy Management (EGD).  Students must be taking 12 or more credits and have financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA. The scholarship committee will consider academic records including GPA when awarding available funds. Scholarship recipients will also receive additional support such as faculty mentoring, networking, and STEM enrichment activities.
To apply, please complete this application (PDF).

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2015 for priority consideration for Spring 2016 semester.   If scholarship funds are still available, late applications will be considered. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Carrie Arnold at 978-630-9240 or Veronica Guay, Assistant Dean of the School of Business, Science, Technology and Math at 978-630-9533.

Career Focused Education Scholarship

The Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts and Mount Wachusett Community College are pleased to offer scholarships to support students seeking career focused education programs and improved employment opportunities.

Receive a scholarship in a short term academic program and return to the workforce quickly!

Many Mount Wachusett Community College students further their education for the purpose of reorienting themselves to a new or advanced career. Some academic programs have limited Federal and State financial aid eligibility, which can result in financial difficulty for students. The Career Focused Education Scholarship can assist with funding to encourage program completion and career eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrollment at MWCC in Advanced Manufacturing or Biotechnology Program (preferred); or enrollment at MWCC in a certificate program for career improvement
  • Financial Need Based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • From the North Central Massachusetts Area
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Completion of the MWCC Scholarship Application

Award Amount

Scholarship awards will not exceed 75 percent of the gap between a student’s cost of attendance and other financial aid and resources.

All other financial aid, scholarships, and resources will be exhausted before application of the Career Focused Education Scholarship.

To apply for the Career Focused Scholarship, please complete and submit this application.

Outside Scholarship Postings

Big Y Academic Scholarship

  • Deadline- February 1, 2016
  • Value- Over 300 scholarships totaling more than $250,0000 available
  • Criteria- See application
  • For more information/URL- http://www.bigy.com or call 413-504-4080
  • Application available for download- No

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship
Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program for the 9th year.

The President’s Commitment to Diversity Scholastic Competition
Awards will be presented to up to three (3) Mount Wachusett Community College students. These scholastic competition awards are intended to support student candidates who will be recognized for preparing papers, posters, essays, research work, art work, or other original, creative work related to issues of diversity or identity.

  • Deadline – November 13, 2015
  • Value – Award provides funding for one, three-credit class offered by Mount Wachusett Community College, for winning students to use during the spring or summer 2016 semester
  • Criteria –
    • The student must be in good standing (not on academic or other disciplinary probation) to participate in the competition and at the time the award is made.
    • Only students currently enrolled for fall semester 2015 (full or part-time) at Mount Wachusett Community College are eligible for this competition and potential award.
    • The student must comply with all College academic policies and procedures as required for any academic coursework as set forth in the Mount Wachusett Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.
    • A faculty member from the department/college in which the student is enrolled or an academic advisor must endorse and approve the student’s participation in the competition.
  • Application Procedure – The application form may be obtained from your academic advisor or online at iConnect. The application window for the 2015 President’s Commitment to Diversity Scholastic Competition is September 28- November 13, 2015. Completed application and project to be considered should be delivered to the Division of Human Resources and Payroll prior to 4 pm on November 13, 2015. As part of the application form submission, the applicant will be asked to include the following items:
    • An abstract (150-word maximum) describing the work that has been created and how it relates to issues of diversity or identity, such as those involving disability, race, socioeconomic status, veteran status, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and national origin (to be typed or copied into the application form).
    • A brief (150-word maximum) description of the academic plans of the applicant, such as field of study or area of academic pursuit (to be typed or copied into the application form).
    • Applicants must obtain the signature of a faculty member or academic advisor. This person will confirm that the student is eligible to participate in the competition. Their confirmation will complete the application, and should be received no later than the application deadline listed above.

Questions or for more information – Contact Maria Gariepy, Diversity Committee Chair, 978-630-9191 or mgariepy3@mwcc.mass.edu

College of the Atlantic’s community college scholarship
The College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, ME, has a scholarship geared specifically for transferring community college students.

  • Value- $15,000/year award
  • Criteria – Graduate of a community college with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and with a transferable Associate’s Degree
  • For more information – http://coa.edu/admissions/financial-aid/scholarships
  • Application available for download- Yes

The DrugNews 2016 Scholarship
DrugNews was created to be the #1 consumer resource for drug research, development, safety and litigation news. As part of this, we support those who research the safety of medications or help develop new drug concepts. Awards target those students planning a career in drug research, or with family members affected by a permanent drug injury.

  • Value – $1,000
  • Criteria –
    • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with 15 hours completed
    • Must have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0
    • Must submit an essay detailing why you are pursuing a career in drug research or how a family member’s drug injury has affected your education. Publish the essay on your University personal homepage and send us the link to that page. Feel free to reference DrugNews.net.
  • For further information including application, please visit: https://www.drugnews.net/scholarship/#sthash.N5DPZviz.dpuf
  • Deadlines –
    • Spring 2016 Scholarship – December 31, 2015
    • Summer 2016 Scholarship – April 30, 2016
    • Fall 2016 Scholarship – July 31, 2016

Scholarship Search Tools

Visit one of these websites to identify other scholarships that are available:

Nerd Scholar:             www.nerdwallet.com/nerdscholar/scholarships/

FastWeb:                     www.fastweb.com