Summer Financial Aid Information

Upon registration for summer semester, students who have already completed a 2013-14 FAFSA will have their grant eligibility determined by the Financial Aid Office.  The amount of eligibility will be based upon the amount of unmet need and remaining amount of unused Pell Grant from the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters.

In order to qualify for summer 2014 financial aid students must meet the following:

a)      Have a completed 2013-2014 financial aid file.

b)      Be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

c)       Be enrolled in at least 6 credits for most financial aid programs (Pell may be an exception based on your EFC.  Some students are eligible for Pell at less than 1/2 time enrollment.)

d)      Be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of the Spring 2014 semester.

Registration for summer courses begins April 7, 2014. The Financial Aid Office recommends that you register for both sessions (Summer I and Summer II) at the same time in order to ensure an accurate financial aid award.

Pell Eligibility
Students enrolled full time for both Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 (12 or more credits each term) will be ineligible for summer Pell.  Students registered for fewer credits than full time for either fall, spring or both terms may have some remaining eligibility for Summer 2014. Pell grant eligibility for Summer will be posted on WebConnect after registration.

Federal Direct Student Loans
Direct loans are available based on dependency status and grade level.  Students must be enrolled at least half time (6 credits.) Students who have already borrowed the maximum loan amounts for the Fall and Spring semesters will not have any remaining loan eligibility for the summer term. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and wish to borrow a loan for Summer must complete a Request for Summer Loan form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Summer Work Study
The College will have limited funding and limited positions available for Work Study during Summer 2014.

College Assistance Grants/Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
A limited amount of funding is available for Summer in the CAG and SEOG programs. The Financial Aid Office will prioritize this funding for students who register early and demonstrate high need.

STEM Starter Academy Funds for Returning Students

The State of Massachusetts has provided Mount Wachusett Community College with funds to accelerate STEM education this summer.

If you are

  • Currently enrolled in a STEM discipline: Biotechnology, Clinical Laboratory Science, Computer Information Systems, Dental Hygiene, Fitness Leadership and Exercise Science, Natural Resources, Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Pre-Engineering.
  • Need to take a STEM course over the summer to move forward in your program (BIO, CHE, CIS, PHY, MAT)
  • Not eligible for financial aid over the summer, but have a current FASFA on file.

You can receive a grant for up to 4 credits to cover tuition and fees for one course.

To Apply:

Complete this application and submit to the Financial Aid Office by May 23, 2014. Contact Financial Aid (978-630-9169) if you have questions about the STEM Starter Academy Fund.

Bookstore Credits

For students whose authorized aid exceeds tuition and fee charges, bookstore authorizations will be made available.  Details about the amount available will be posted to students’ WebConnect accounts. Bookstore authorizations can be used from ­­­­­­­May 27th  to June 9th during Summer Session I and July 7th through July 21st for Summer Session 2.  No book vouchers are available in advance of the Maymester.