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Mossas mission is quite simple, to get more people moving! Let’s Move! is more than a catchy slogan or tag line to us, it is a way of life we embrace.

Mossa is people. We’re a team of over 70 professionals with over 30 years industry experience dedicated to one goal – your success – and we pursue that success with spirit and passion. Buy into Mossa and you buy into us.

We work directly with clubs and instructors, while hundreds of thousands of people experience our products each and everyday. We provide Branded Group Fitness Systems and Retention Systems to Improve Clubs’ Profitability.

Mossa  puts it all together in a carefully designed system of proven effectiveness. It’s a System of Management, Training, Programming and Marketing that works. You’ll see it in your profits.

We have a series of group fitness programs that are carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social exercise experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level. Group Power®, Group Fight®, Group Ride™, Group Centergy®, Group Step®, Group Groove®, R30 and Group Active® are the new fitness phenomenons.