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Working out


Please try not to bring valuables to the Fitness & Wellness Center. All personal property must be locked in our locker rooms – gym bags, coats, car keys, etc. may not be left out. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Parking is available to all members in Lot D. There are handicapped spaces located directly in front of the center. Please observe all parking signs as you will be ticketed if parked illegally on campus.

Locker Rooms

Lockers and showers are available for your daily use. Members may bring their own locks, rent one, or you may purchase one at the front desk. All locks left on lockers overnight will be removed. Jackets, bags, car keys, etc. are not allowed in the gym, balcony, and pool area or in the weight area. Please put them in your locker to help us keep the facility neat and safe for all.

Work Out Attire

Appropriate workout attire with elastic or drawstring waistbands is required. Shirts and sneakers must be worn at all times. Participants may not workout in street clothes. We do not allow pants with buckles, snaps, or buttons at the waistband on the equipment. Inappropriate clothing includes clothing with offensive slogans, strapless clothing, pants with rolled down waistbands or other excessively revealing clothing. For safety’s sake, we also require that all clothing that you are not wearing (sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) be locked up in the locker room.

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Membership information and reservations: 978-630-9212