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The MWCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships for transferring students for the 2016-2017 academic year have an application deadline of March 11, 2016. The MWCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships for continuing students for the 2016-2017 academic year have an application deadline of May 6, 2016.  Please include 2 letters of reference (1 professor and 1 personal or 2 professors) and your essay answers, as noted on the Scholarship Application and check on their submission prior to deadline.  Please contact Jo-Ann Meagher at 978-630-9387 or j_meagher@mwcc.mass.edu if you have any questions.

By submitting a scholarship application, you will be considered for all scholarships below that you are eligible for, you do not need to apply specifically or specify which scholarship you are applying for. 

The scholarship application can be found at the link below.  You will need to log in to iConnect and you will then be redirected to the scholarship page.  Essay answers can be attached to the application and the letters of reference can be submitted directly to the Financial Aid office either in person or via email at financialaid@mwcc.mass.edu.


Albert H & Reuben S. Stone Fund Resident of Gardner; Academic achievement-GPA of 3.3 or higher; Financial need.
Alumni Association-Continuing MWCC Continuing MWCC student; Completed at least 1 semester of study; GPA of 3.0 or higher; Financial need
Alumni Association-Graduated Transfer Completed Degree or Cert at MWCC; GPA of 3.0 or higher; Transferring to baccalaureate institution in upcoming fall semester; Demonstrate financial need
Arthur F. Haley Scholarship Academic achievement-GPA 3.3 or higher; Preference-30 earned credits at MWCC; Transfer credits may be considered; Other considerations: Community service and financial need.
Aspasia Anastos Returning student who demonstrates excellence in the humanities- especially English
Barbara Chaplin Memorial Scholarship Non-traditional female student majoring in English or Education; Transferring or recently transferred to a baccalaureate institution; 3.0 GPA and completed 30 MWCC credits
Barnes & Noble Scholarship Academic achievement-GPA 3.3 or higher; Preference-30 earned credits at MWCC. Transfer to a state college or university. Transfer credits may be considered; Financial need.
Carl Tammi Award Extraordinary CIS programming major; GPA of 3.0 or higher; second year student continuing or transferring to baccalaureate institution
Carlton E. Nichols Scholarship Resident of Gardner Academic achievement-GPA 3.3 or higher Financial Need
Carrie Progen Scholarship MWCC Art program student; Preference to Gardner area resident
Craig Hamel Scholarship MWCC Nursing Graduate/Post Graduate with definite plans to further nursing education; Positive, healthy/compassionate attitude; Facilitates healing in self and others
David H. Butler Memorial Scholarship MWCC Continuing Student GPA of 2.7 or higher; demonstrated service to MWCC students; demonstrated service to community in which student resides; demonstrated financial need
Edith V. Baldyga Scholarship Fund Graduating MWCC student who is preparing for a career in Elementary Education.  This award will also be given based on financial need and academic performance.
Edward H. Stevens Scholarship A student with at least 30 credits continuing his/her education at MWCC.  Engineering science in the field of S,T,E,M, LAS, CIS. QPA of 2.7 and financial need will be considered.
Ellen E. Daly Dental Hygiene Scholarship Second year MWCC dental hygiene student; GPA of 3.5 or higher; Clinical excellence;  outstanding leadership; professionalism; willingness to assist other students with compassion; commitment to the field of dental hygiene and patient care
Father Adamo Scholarship Student studying Roman Catholic theology or counseling; 3.3 GPA; continuing education to obtain bachelor of arts
First Congregational Church of Gardner Student must be registered in one of the following programs: CHD, HS, MAS, NU, NUP, or PTA.  Strong  preference for students with a 3.3 GPA; 30 credits at MWCC or Transfer; Returning student; Must be willing to speak at a church service.
George D. Jones, Sr. Scholarship Fund Continuing student in good standing with a 3.0 GPA or higher and an unmet financial aid need of $1000 or more.
Green Society Scholarship
Designed to accommodate and support students in the Natural Resources program. Preference will be given to active Green Society members but membership is not necessary for consideration.  Must be a Natural Resource major; must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher; students transferring to MWCC with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible; must have already earned 12 credits; will be attending MWCC the year the scholarship was applied for; must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
H. Marilyn (Wickeri) Kiosses Scholarship Nursing student demonstrating commitment to patient care
HOPE Education Fund This fund was established to honor a founder of HOPE, Maxyne Schneider, upon her retirement.  Preference given to non-traditional students who have graduated from the HOPE for Women program and are currently enrolled at Mount Wachusett Community College.  Students who have participated in the HOPE Youth Programs may also apply.
James D. Murphy Scholarship Given to the student who served as the student body representative on the MWCC Board of Trustees
James O. Garrison Fund Must be enrolled full or part time in Early Childhood Education heading toward certificate or degree; can be used for tuition, books, fees, or childcare expense at MWCC Garrison Center; open to new and continuing students
John C. Burton Scholarship Transfer to Baccalaureate Institution pursuing career in art;  Preference to openly gay/lesbian student
Jonathan C. Craven Scholarship Letter of traits similar to Mr. Craven – how you use education to assist humanity; Financial need; GPA of 3.0 or better; Resident of MA; 30 credits earned at MWCC; returning or transferring to baccalaureate institution
Joseph B. Ruth Scholarship Given annually to an MWCC student graduating from the business program and transferring to a four-year school.  Award is given based on academic performance and financial need.
Joseph S. Baldyga Veteran’s Fund MWCC student, graduating from the business program and transferring to a four-year school and who is a Veteran of the armed forces.  This award based on academic performance.
Kathi J. Pullen Scholarship Female 30 years or older balancing home, work, and education; GPA 3.3 or higher; Earned 9 credits or more at MWCC
Keith Nivala Given to the graduate who has a high GPA and is also a law enforcement officer and transferring
Melissa Herr Marsh Scholarship MWCC nursing student entering their second year;  Academic achievement QPA of 3.5; Married with children; Nursing is second career; Community service to college and/or community
Michael and Christine Greenwood Business Scholarship Graduating MWCC business student transferring to Fitchburg State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business.
Millie McGuire Foundation Single parent balancing home, work, and education; service to community/church; financial need for enrolling; returning; or transfer student
Mount Observer Scholarship Student has worked on the student newspaper, the Observer, at least one full year as an active staff member of the newspaper as either a reporter, assistant editor, editor, advertising representative, or graphic arts designer and is transferring to a four- year institution; financial aid is not absolute thought may be considered; other extenuating circumstances will also be considered. Tuition, books, and fees at college of students choice.
Nashoba Valley Healthcare Fund Open to full and part time non-traditional students, second career students, living or working in the Nashoba Region open to rad tech; med tech; nursing; physical therapy; speech and occupational therapy; imaging tech and medical assistant
Peter J. Trainor Leadership Award Given annually to the student, who in the opinion of the Academic and Student Affairs leadership teams, has most exemplified these traits that Peter Trainor demonstrated during his career at the college.
Rebecca Ann DesJardins Memorial Scholarship Resident of Westminster, Gardner or Ashburnham; Preference to a female; MWCC continuing student; GPA 3.0 or higher and financial need. Direct costs-tuition, fees, books
Robert H. Gilman Memorial Scholarship Continuing or Transferring MWCC student Demonstrated commitment to education Demonstrated volunteerism Financial need
Robert Weibel Art Award Graduating student demonstrating progress and commitment to art.
Roberts Scholar Each year, a student will be selected as a Roberts Scholar.  In addition to strong academic performance and persistence, this student will demonstrate Christian fellowship through his or her collegiate, personal, or professional life.  These attributes honor the same characteristics that Glenn Roberts espoused in his work and life.  Glenn’s dedication to supporting students in their academic and career pursuits served as an anchor to many students who achieved success in spite of obstacles in their life.  Glenn’s work served as a n outward expression of his spiritual life and beliefs.In addition to a scholarship that will be awarded to support the student in his or her continuing studies at MWCC, the student will also be paired with a mentor to assist them in their pursuits for the year of their award.  Through both financial and personal support, this scholarship will continue to fulfill the role so nobly undertaken by Glenn Roberts during his tenure at the College.
Robinson-Broadhurst Winchendon Scholarship Awarded to continuing students who are Winchendon, MA residents to cover their unmet tuition, fees, books, and childcare expenses to attend Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC). Awards are based on need.
Sandy Signor Student who has persevered and achieved success in his college work
Sharyn A. Rice Award Presented in honor of MWCC Senior Vice President Sharyn Rice who retired in 2013 after 25 years of service to the college and the greater community.  Given to a student of good character each year who demonstrates a clear commitment to supporting their community; must have GPA of 3.0 or higher: good academic standing
Sterilite Student Success Fund Students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need
Sybil Goldberg Arguijo Scholarship Sybil was the Director of GAAMHA Inc., devoting her career to enabling those persons with disabilities to reach their highest potential.  She believed strongly that education was the key component to a successful and enriching career.  The selected candidate will display academic excellence with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a demonstrated commitment of the Human Services field. Student must be entering their second year of study pursuing an associate’s degree in Human Services.
Thomas and Alice Kymalainen Scholarship Academic achievement-GPA 2.5 or higher; Preference-30 earned credits at MWCC; Transfer credits may be considered; Financial need may be considered
Twyla J. Haley Memorial Nursing Scholarship Second year MWCC nursing student; GPA of 3.0 or higher; Other considerations: Community service,  employment status, financial need; Direct costs-tuition, fees, books
Veteran’s Memorial Scholarship Service in US Armed Forces – Honorable discharge; Enrolled full-time-MWCC or Transfer to baccalaureate institution; Demonstrated service to College and Community