The Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center

Please Help Us to Honor Dr. Daniel M. Asquino

Dr. Daniel M. AsquinoThe Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation has embarked on a fundraising effort to support the MWCC Presidential Transition Fund. This fund is designed to honor Dr. Daniel M. Asquino in a number of ways. First and foremost it will fund the Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Scholarship Fund. Our minimum goal for this endowed scholarship is $300,000 which will allow us to award at least $15,000 in scholarships to deserving students every year.

In addition, this fund will allow us to honor Dr. Asquino’s long dedication to our college and community with honors such as the naming of the new Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center and several community events.

There are several ways that you can show your gratitude for his thirty years of service.

  • Explore a naming opportunity in our new Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center: Options range from $10,000 to $50,000
  • Become a sponsor for our Presidential Transition events: Options range from $5,000 to $1000

Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center

For more information please contact Carla Zottoli at the MWCC Foundation, 978-630-9276 or For standard donations, checks and credit cards are accepted. You can make your gift online (choose Presidential Transition Fund from the drop-down) or send a check to MWCC Foundation Presidential Transition Fund.

Naming Opportunities

The Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center Naming Campaign is designed to fund both the Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Scholarship Fund and The MWCC Presidential Transition Fund.

If interested in a naming opportunity, please contact the MWCC Foundation Executive Director, Carla Zottoli, at 978-630-9276 or

Dr. Daniel M. Asquino Science Center (View Floorplan)

Floor 1
Physical Science Lab (S-101) $25,000
Plant Science Lab (S-103) $25,000
SOLD – Study Space (Outside of New Murphy Conference Room)
(Rollstone Bank & Trust)
Floor 2
General Biology Lab (S-201) $25,000
Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1 (S-203) $25,000
Anatomy & Physiology Lab 2/ Human Biology (S-205) $25,000
SOLD – Conference Room (S-210)
(Mr. Richard Cella)
SOLD – Study Space (Outside S-205)
(Heywood Hospital)
Floor 3
Microbiology Lab (S-301) $25,000
Earth Science & Physics Lab (S-303) $25,000
Chemistry Lab (S-305) $25,000
SOLD – Conference Room (S-314)
(GFA Federal Credit Union)
SOLD – Study Space (Outside S-305)
(Enterprise Bank & Trust)

Other Buildings

Arthur F. Haley Academic Center Main Floor
New Grand Entrance Hall $50,000
SOLD – Multi-Purpose Conference Room
(Simonds International Corporation)
SOLD – Academic Advising Conference Room
(Workers Credit Union)
The Commons $15,000
Greenhouse Building $35,000