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Addiction Assessment – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Assessments

Alcohol Health Risk Assessment Tool

Cancer Health Risk Assessment Tool

Depression Risk Assessment Tool

Diabetes Health Risk Assessment Tool

Healthy Weight Risk Assessment Tool

Heart Disease Risk Assessment Tool

Other Resources:

Addiction Center

Addiction Resource

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Foundation

American Breast Cancer Foundation

American Cancer Society

American College of Sports Medicine Fit Society Page Check out this totally free electronic  newsletter highly recommended by Professor Nola  Sapienza, Chair of Fitness Leadership and Exercise Sciences.

American Council on Exercise

American Dental Association

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association Recommended by Diane King, Coordinator of Heath Services recommends this as a great site for all types of cardiovascular questions. If you click on disease and conditions, it brings you to various pages including cholesterol and hypertension. Each page has multiple areas of focus including quizzes. Fun, information and interactive!

American Liver Foundation

American Lung Association

American Institute of Stress

American Stroke Association


Asthma and Allergy Association of America

Cancer Care This site contains information in both Spanish and English.

CDC’s Diabetes Public Health Resource

CDC’s Oral Health Resources

CDC’s Smoking and Tobacco Use

CDC’s Stroke

Drug Digest The link above includes assessment tests on Alcoholism, Anxiety, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Coronary Heart Disease, 10 year Heart Disease Risk Calculator, Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), Depression, General Health and Well-Being, Medication Safety, Nicotine Addiction, Osteoporosis, and Sleep Disorders.

Dr. Weil Is a great website, suggested by Diane King, Coordinator of Health Services.  This material is written by an MD and with a focus on holistic  health.   Beautiful site with multiple question and answer areas as well as terrific recipes. Dr. Weil integrates all aspects of health including, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Fitness & Wellness Center This is a full service fitness facility right here on the beautiful MWCC campus. The building has 65,000 sq ft of air conditioned, fully equipped services. Over 70 World Class Body Training Systems group exercise classes per week including Group Kick, Group Power, Group Centergy, Group Ride, Group Groove, and Group Step. 25 Different AFAA Certified Instructors & 7 personal trainers. Free weights, plate loaded, and selectorized equipment that is easy to use. Full cardiovascular area with treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes, steppers, climbers, rowing machines, act trainers and more.

Foundation for Women’s Cancer (Women’s Health)

Harvard Pilgrim Health This site offers several tools to determine risk factors. They offer a Your Disease Risk Assessment Tool, a 10 year Cardiac Risk Calculator, Health Risk Questionnaire and My Links that promote the benefits making healthy lifestyle choices.

Health A to Z

Healthy Behaviors Guide

International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression

Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Association


Medline Plus (English)

MedlinePlus (Spanish) This website was represented by a sponsor at our wellness fair earlier in the year. This is a phenomenal tool for people with medical questions. They have interactive tutorials and even surgery videos.

Midlife Motherhood Great resource for women ages 40+ facing motherhood and dealing with parenting issues.

MyPyramid This government website comes highly recommended by Nola Sapienza Professor/Chair Health, Sciences/Fitness Exercise Sciences. Use create a MyPyramid Plan to help you plot meals to match your goals. Use MyPyramid Tracker to assess the effectiveness your diet vs physical activity. They just added a new tool, Steps to a Healthier Weight. This site has a selection of great tips and resources, dietary guidelines, a section focused on children and one dedicated for professionals. If you only have time to check one of these resource tools this one’s worth looking at.

National Cancer Institute

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Information

National Eye Institute

National Hearing Conservation Association

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Great site for information on back and neck pain.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

National Institutes of Health Hearts N’ Parks Program Continues to Help Participants of All Ages Adopt Heart-Healthy Behaviors

National Institute for Mental Health

National Sleep Foundation

National Stroke Association


OnHealth.com 4 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle. Step Yourself—How Do You Measure Up?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

President’s Great Outdoors Challenge


Quit Smoking Guide

The Science of Healthy Behaviors This site has been designed as a teacher’s guide with a concentration on behavioral influences, interventions and treatments.

Workplace Violence

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