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Study Room

The center of the MIDDLE LEVEL of the library is reserved for quiet study.

The right side of the middle level is for math tutoring and also may be used for group study. Table signs indicate quiet study or group study.

STUDENT STUDY ROOMS (073, 074, 077)

Study rooms are for student use only! To check room availability, consult the Room Calendars. Study rooms may be reserved by calling the library at 978-630-9338 or by emailing the Library, and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours per reservation. At the end of a reserved period, if no one else has reserved the room, an additional 2 hour reservation may be made by contacting the computer lab assistant, the reference librarian, or the circulation desk staff. Reserved rooms not occupied within the first 15 minutes will be considered available for use by other students. Reservations should be canceled if the room is no longer required. Study rooms may be scheduled not more than one week in advance.

Small Study Room (Rm 073)

This room is used for studying, tutoring, and video previewing. The room contains a computer, TV, DVD/VCR player, and two chairs.

Small Study Room (Rm 074)

Priority for use of Room 074 is for testing accommodations. When not previously scheduled the room may be reserved for private study, tutoring, and video previewing. The room contains a computer, TV, DVD/VCR player, and two chairs.

Large Study Room (Rm 077)

This room contains a conference table and 10 chairs, and may be used for student video viewing, group study, seminars, or meetings. Room 077 may be reserved by an individual with the understanding that a group of 3 or more wishing to use the room may “bump” that individual into a smaller study room, if available. If another room is not available, the initial reservation shall be honored until a smaller room becomes available.


  • Rooms may be used while the library is open and must be vacated 10 minutes prior to library closing time.
  • Rooms are locked when not in use. Library staff will open rooms as necessary and rooms will automatically lock when the room is exited.
  • Rooms must be kept in good condition and all equipment and lights turned off before exiting. The person booking the room shall be liable for any damages or inappropriate use of the facilities.
  • Any problems should be reported to library staff.
  • Users are expected to comply with appropriate college policies.
  • Users are responsible for personal belongings left unattended in the study rooms.
  • The rooms are not sound proof; users should be aware of their noise level in order to respect other library patrons’ need for quiet.
  • For technical assistance, contact a library staff member.