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Jess Mynes
Coordinator of Library Services
email: j_mynes@mwcc.mass.edu
jmynes _sm Jess is the Technical Services Coordinator and Humanities liaison. He participates in library instruction for a variety of disciplines. Jess is the author of several published books of poetry and the editor of Fewer & Further Press. Jess has worked as a farmer, brewer, and publisher.
Nancy Boucher
Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
email: n_boucher@mwcc.mass.edu
As acquisitions librarian, Nancy coordinates the process of locating and acquiring library materials identified as appropriate for the MWCC collection. A former medical technologist, Nancy’s areas of concentration include science and medicine.
Suzanne Levasseur
Reference & Instructional Services Librarian
email: slevasseur1@mwcc.mass.edu
suzanne4 Suzanne is passionate about helping students learn to find the best information for their research. She considers librarians the “Information Superheroes” of the 21st century!
Carla Morrissey
Circulation Supervisor
email: cmorrissey4@mwcc.mass.edu
carla2 Carla welcomes you to explore all the Library has to offer. She administers and directs the operation of the Circulation Department and monitors policies and procedures related to borrowing, course reserves and resource sharing with other libraries.
Linda Patient
Evening Circulation Assistant
email: l_patient@mwcc.mass.edu
Linda has oversight of all general circula​tion procedures during the Library’s evening hours. With a BA in English Literature from Smith College, she got her start at MWCC with an Associate of Liberal Arts. Linda is customer-service oriented and a life-long lover of libraries.
Ellen Pratt
Distance Education & Outreach Librarian
email: epratt@mwcc.mass.edu
ellen2 Ellen travels to MWCC’s satellite campuses providing library instruction and research help to students. When Ellen isn’t busy teaching students that Google’s PageRank is not the same as relevance, you might find her operating a skill crane or sewing machine, walking a wooded trail, sandy shore, or city street, or learning something new.
Matthew Raymond
Reference & Instructional Services Librarian
email: mraymond8@mwcc.mass.edu
matthew2 Matt is a reference librarian who has worked at a law library, an archive and a college library teaching users how to find the best information. He spends his free time watching too much TV, reading too many books & writing reviews for all of it. His favorite databases are Academic Search Premier, JSTOR and NoveList.
Bonnie Shapland
Reference & Instructional Services Librarian
email: b_shapland@mwcc.mass.edu
Bonnie Shapland As a reference librarian, Bonnie is available to help both new and experienced library users find information that will meet their needs. Bonnie likes research and teaching, as well as reading, sewing, swimming, and sports.