Adaptive Lab Services


General information about disability services at Mount Wachusett Community College.



  • Students with a documented disability can request test accommodations from the Coordinator of Disability Services. Students must provide proper documentation of the disability, to be evaluated by the Coordinator of Disability Services to determine the appropriateness of the request. The student must make this request each semester for their accommodations to be reviewed and issued.
  • If the Coordinator of Disability Services determines that accommodations are appropriate, the student will receive a test accommodation form for each course for which accommodations are granted. The three-sheet form must be signed by the Coordinator of Disability Services, the student, and the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor of the accommodations, and have the instructor sign the form. When the form is signed by all three parties, a copy of the form is retained by the student (white copy), the instructor (yellow copy), and the Testing Center (pink copy).
  • All tests are by appointment, scheduled with Testing Services.
  • A test request form must be submitted to Testing Services by the Instructor before a student can schedule a testing appointment.
    • Tests that require conversion to an alternate format such as audio or braille require two business days to process before the test is available to students.
  • There are three location options for testing. The test location is determined by the needs of each student’s accommodations and availability:
    • Students may be proctored by an instructor in a location that meets the conditions of the accommodations
    • Students may test in Testing Services based on their specific accommodations, by appointment only.
    • Students eligible for low distraction or single room testing may test by appointment in the lower level Library test rooms when available.
  • To schedule a test, contact Testing Services by phone (978-630-9244 or 978-630-9220) or in-person (room 128c). Availability for testing appointments is limited. Your preferred time may not be available when scheduled last minute. Be sure to schedule appropriately.
    • Scheduling is based on each individual’s accommodations and room availability, determined by staff.
  • Students should contact their Instructor directly if they are testing with accommodations. The Instructor must be aware so they know to submit the test for administration.
  • Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared to take their exams. If students are late, the following may apply:
    • Student may take the test using the remaining time.
    • Student may reschedule the exam for the full allotted time, with instructor approval.
  • If a test is cancelled or rescheduled by the Instructor, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Testing Services immediately. It is the student’s responsibility to reschedule an appointment for testing.
  • Only items specified by the instructor on the test request form are allowed in the testing room. All other belongings, such as coats, purse, backpacks, cell phone and all other electronic devices, etc., will not be permitted during the test.
  • When suspected or confirmed cheating occurs, the exam is stopped, documented, and reported to the instructor. Students are responsible for being aware of and understanding the MWCC Academic Honesty Policy and are subject to procedures for academic dishonesty as outlined in the Mount Wachusett Community College Student Handbook.
  • A request for adaptive materials/technology needed for accommodations must be made with the Director of Academic Support and Testing Services.
    • A request for electronic textbooks must be made 2 weeks in advance.
    • For tests in audio format (Kurzweil) or braille format, a minimum of 2 business days processing time is required.


Students who have accommodation forms for test adjustments such as extended time, lower distraction, adaptive lab or other requirements, may take their tests in the indicated location. The conditions of the examination requirements will be provided to the student utilizing the MWCC exam check list form. The instructor will drop off the test to the Testing Center for staff administration.

  • Student is responsible for scheduling a test appointment.
  • For each scheduled test, student is responsible for reminding faculty of his/her accommodation.
  • Faculty member drops off and picks up the test at the Testing Center.


Testing rooms which are located in the library, may also be used for studying, according to the Library’s Meeting & Study Rooms Policy.