Adaptive Lab Services


General information about disability services at Mount Wachusett Community College.



  • Student with a documented disability requests a test accommodation from the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities.
  • Student’s documentation is checked to determine the appropriateness of the request.
  • If documentation substantiates the request, the coordinator fills out the Test Adjustment Form. The form is completed in a very specific manner including the contact person who will assist with the implementation of the accommodation ( e.g., Academic Support Center, Adaptive Lab).
  • The Coordinator retains a copy of the Test Adjustment Form in the student’s file.
  • The student signs the form and takes it to the professor, who also signs it and retains a copy. The form states that the professor is to be given 72 hours advance notice of the need for the accommodation.
  • The student takes a copy of the form to the adaptive lab specialist or staff. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the adaptive lab specialist or staff for all test-dates and make sure any specific accommodations have been reserved (e.g. a scribe, a computer, and a lower distraction testing room). The contact person retains the pink copy of the form.
  • The professor is responsible for delivering the test to the adaptive lab specialist and picking it up afterward. The professor needs to check with the Adaptive Lab Specialist to determine the most appropriate format.


Students who have accommodation forms for test adjustments such as extended time, lower distraction, adaptive lab or other requirements, may take their tests in the indicated location. The conditions of the examination requirements will be provided to the student utilizing the MWCC exam check list form. The adaptive lab specialist or staff accept the test from the instructor. The test will be secured in a locked file cabinet both before and after the testing. The adaptive lab specialist or staff will monitor the student while taking an exam.

  • Student is responsible for reserving a test room (check room availability below) for each scheduled test in the correct location.
  • For each scheduled test, student is responsible for reminding faculty of his/her accommodation.
  • Faculty member drops off and picks up the test at the adaptive lab.


Testing rooms, which are located in the library, may be used according to the Library’s Meeting & Study Rooms Policy.  The rooms, with the exception of the adaptive lab, may be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours per reservation. At the end of a reserved period, if no other patron has reserved the room, an additional 3 hour reservation may be made. Please contact the Adaptive Lab Specialist 978-630-9538 to reserve a testing room.