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Mission Statement

To utilize integrated marketing that best positions the college to communicate its benefits to its many constituents and to maintain a competitive edge, while enhancing the college’s positive image through effective communications, public relations and marketing publications.


Lea Ann ScalesLea Ann Scales
Vice President of External Affairs, Communications & K-12 Partnerships
Phone: 978-630-9320
Email: lscales2@mwcc.mass.edu

Lea Ann provides energetic leadership for marketing, communications, public affairs, public relations and the college’s K-12 partnerships. She oversees a $2.75 million budget providing early college programming and access to students in the K-12 system, servicing over 4000 students in middle and high school. These partnerships have been recognized nationally for their innovation. She also oversees the college’s strategic marketing, communications, public relations and external affairs initiatives.

April Ondis
Director of Marketing
Phone: 978-630-9458
Email: aondis@mwcc.mass.edu

April manages the college’s brand, builds and implements multi-channeled marketing campaigns, acts as managing editor for publications, oversees digital media production, and coordinates new media strategies college-wide. She measures the effectiveness and return on investment of all marketing efforts, and positions the college as a leader in sustainability, civic engagement, and academic excellence through the use of targeted, timely communications.
Stephanie England

Stephanie England
Assistant Director of Marketing
Phone: 978-630-9300
Email: sengland1@mwcc.mass.edu

Stephanie provides creative direction for the college’s marketing communications including all print advertisements and publications.  She handles the digital asset management of the college’s graphics and stock photography and oversees graphic design for all marketing efforts. Stephanie assists with campaign planning, execution, tracking, and reporting.
Briana Nobrega

Briana Nobrega
Assistant Director of Visual & Digital Communication
Phone: 978-630-9392
Email: bnobrega@mwcc.mass.edu

Briana is the primary manager of the college’s digital marketing content. She implements art direction for MWCC’s multi-channeled digital communications and other visual collateral; collaborates with the Marketing team to develop video and digital assets; and manages the day-to-day social media community and website.

Sam Bonacci - Communications SpecialistSam Bonacci
Communications Specialist
Phone: 978-630-9547
Email: sbonacci@mwcc.mass.edu

Sam is the main point of contact for media outlets reporting on the college and handles public relations for the school. He implements media outreach related to upcoming events and announcements from MWCC while also promoting the good work that is being done by college students, faculty and staff.

Janine Eisner-Wall
Coordinator of College Graphics
Phone: 978-630-9158
Email: jeisnerwall@mwcc.mass.edu

Janine designs the graphics for all the college’s marketing communications including all print advertisements and publications and web graphics. She assists in the digital asset management of the college’s graphics and stock photography and helps with directing photo shoots.
Joyce Cormier

Joyce Cormier
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 978-630-9122
Email: jcormier15@mwcc.mass.edu

Joyce provides administrative support for the division. Her duties include the placement of purchase orders; supporting the coordination of events and specialized marketing efforts; archiving marketing materials; proofreading; maintaining databases and assisting with the research, collection, and compilation of data as needed for preparation and submission of reports.