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Campus PoliceOn Campus: Campus Police General Line

Campus Police Emergency line: 978-630-9111

Off Campus:

Gardner Police 978-632-5600
Athol State Police 978-249-4341
Heywood Hospital 978-632-3420
Gardner District Court 978-632-2373
Woods Ambulance 978-632-1530
Gardner Fire Dept 978-632-1616
West Street Towing 978-632-6400
TJ & Sons Towing 978-632-9843
Registry of Motor Vehicles 800-858-3926
Drug Information Line 800-327-5050
Poison Control 800-682-9211

Web Sites

Mass State Police
Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles
Club Drugs
Mass Sex Offender Registry Board
Identity theft protection – Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation, and students may be particularly vulnerable to this crime. Learn how to protect yourself and your future from identity theft by going to www.ed.gov/misused.
Finding Molly Bish
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
CodeAmber.org – The Web’s Amber Alert System

Downloadable Forms

RMV accident Form
Personal CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form

MWCC Campus Police Staff

MWCC Campus Police Chief Karen Kolimaga

Director/Chief of Campus Police and Public Safety
Email: k_kolimaga@mwcc.mass.edu

Lieutenant Melissa Croteau

Email: m_croteau@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Sergeant Jim Halkola

Email: j_halkola@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Officer Michael Ladeau

Email: m_ladeau@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Officer Darren Senecal

Email: d_senecal@mwcc.mass.edu

Sergeant Cliff Wilder

Email: c_wilder@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Officer Joyce Kirkwood

Email: jkirkwood@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Officer Larry Flowers

Email: lflowers3@mwcc.mass.edu

Police Officer Michael Ntori

Email: mntori@mwcc.mass.edu

Fax: 978-630-9390
Email: Please send questions and/or comments to Lieutenant Melissa Croteau.