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Get Your Student ID!


August 8 – 2PM–6PM, Student Business Center

August 9 – 11AM–5PM, Student Business Center

August 10 – 9AM–12PM, Student Business Center

August 24 – 3PM–5:15PM, North Cafeteria


One of the following items is required to obtain an MWCC student photo ID:  a state vehicle license, a passport, a military ID, or a state issued identification card (available at RMV).  ID Fee: $10

NOTE: Only students registered for credit bearing courses are eligible to receive a student ID.

RETURNING STUDENTS — Have your Expired ID updated at no charge at the Gardner Campus Library, the Leominster Campus front office or the Devens Campus front office

NOTE: Students should carry their student ID with them at all times as they will be requested to present it when accessing services on campus that require identification. A student ID will be required of all students seeking to access the Fitness & Wellness Center (with required membership) and for some programming events sponsored by the CATS (Campus Activities Team for Students).