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Student Services includes a variety of individuals and offices who can assist you with career planning and placement, child care, student assistance, disability support services, personal counseling,  and veterans services.  Our mission is to help students successfully navigate Mount Wachusett Community College.  College is not always easy, and we recognize that each student comes to our campus with his/her own set of unique strengths and challenges.  The staff in Student Services are here to help support you as you make the important life and curricular choices necessary to achieve your academic aspirations.


CCAMPIS – Federal Grant Offering Assistance with Child Care Costs

Mount Wachusett Community College has received a CCAMPIS grant (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) that can provide child care subsidies from 20 to 60% for qualified students. Students must enroll their children in one of the 75 pre-approved, nationally accredited,  child care providers which includes the Garrison Center on the Gardner campus. For more information contact Ann Reynolds at 978-630-9190 or areynolds1@mwcc.mass.edu.

Career Services: Planning & Placement

Career Planning & Placement services are offered to students seeking either part or full-time employment. A summary of full-and part-time positions are posted on the Job Board next to room 135 for all interested students. A detailed listing and application procedure is provided at Jobs Online. Job openings from employers in business, industry, social services, and health fields are included. MWCC’s job referral system assists students in obtaining employment related to their fields of study. Seminars and individual sessions on portfolio development, resume writing and interviewing techniques are also offered. An annual job fair is held during the spring semester, giving students the opportunity to meet and interview with employers. Employers visit the college campus during the academic year with full-and part-time openings.

Visit the Career Planning & Placement Services website

For more information please call Career Services at 978-630-9254 or email: jobsearch@mwcc.mass.edu

Counseling Services

Know Your 9 - Empowering Students to Stop Sexual ViolenceCounseling staff are available to assist students with personal, social, academic, educational, career and health concerns. Professional counselors provide a confidential atmosphere for students to discuss and explore feelings, attitudes, values, and lifestyles – no matter is too big or too small. When appropriate, counselors will assist students with a referral to a community resource. The college counselor can assist students directly or introduce them to a counselor who will best meet their individual needs.

Visit the Counseling Services website

For more information please call Melissa Manzi at 978-630-9178 or email: Melissa Manzi, MSW, LICSW

Health Services

MWCC Health Services will support, honor and promote Health and Wellness as an opportunity for students to enjoy their academic life. The nurse is available for walk-in visits and by appointment. Nursing assessment and education is provided. Referrals are made to appropriate health care providers. The staff offers Holistic health care that is respectful of each individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

The Health Services office is located in Room 133 on the Gardner Campus and is open Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 978-630-9136

Visit the Health Services website

Dean of Students Office

The Dean and Associate Dean of Students provide leadership and guidance to the Student Services staff and offices.  The Dean of Students Office provides students with the support and resources that they need in order to be successful at Mount Wachusett Community College.  In support of student learning and success, the Dean and Associate Dean promote the growth and development of all students through campus-wide programming, one-on-one meetings, and the delivery of appropriate support services.  We are here to answer questions, advocate on behalf of students, foster a safe, inclusive learning environment, and mentor/advise students on the community college experience.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Zelesky, Dean of Students 978-630-9139 or email jzelesky@mwcc.mass.edu

Greg Clement, Associate Dean of Students 978-630-9252 or email gclement@mwcc.mass.edu

Disability Support Services

At MWCC we are committed to providing quality services to all students. Students with a diagnosed disability are entitled to receive services that promote academic success in their college experience. Under the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, any individual who has an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as seeing, hearing, learning, or walking; has a record of such impairment; and/or is regarded as having such impairment is ensured to have equal access and opportunities for success.

Qualified persons with documented disabilities have the right to receive reasonable accommodations that will facilitate full participation and inclusion in courses, examinations, and activities related to their educational and co-curricular experience. Approved accommodations depend upon the particular disability and are granted for the classroom and/or testing setting. Accommodations may include the use of assistive technology, electronic textbooks, audio recording of lectures, note taking, priority seating, reserved parking, ASL interpreting services, extended time for testing, and/or a low distraction setting for testing.

Visit the Disability Support Services website

For more information, please contact:

Amy LaBarge, Coordinator of Disability Services 978-630-9330 or email alabarge@mwcc.mass.edu

Veterans Services

Mount Wachusett Community College recognizes the unique academic, social, physical and financial needs of our veteran students and their families.  The professional staff and veteran student volunteers are dedicated to providing our veteran community with the assistance and guidance necessary to promote student success.

Click here for more information on Veterans Services