Attention Deficit Disorder

Students with AD(H)D may require academic adjustments such as “extended time on exams,” “a lower distraction testing environment,” “notetaking support,” etc . . .

Documentation Guidelines for AD(H)D Verification

In order to provide a student with academic accommodations verification of the disability is needed. The information should be current and comprehensive. The information must come from a person qualified to diagnose ADD, be relatively recent (in most instances, less than three years old), demonstrate that the student is substantially limited, and be thorough enough to support the accommodations and services for which the student is asking. Although recommendations of possible accommodations are requested from the professional, the actual accommodations at MWCC must be approved by the counselor for students with disabilities after a discussion with the student. The verification should include the following:

  1. Diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, generally based on DSM-IV criteria.
  2. A history and description of symptoms.
  3. Explanation of the functional limitations in an educational environment.
  4. Recommendations for accommodations in a college setting.
The documentation is to be given to the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities: 444 Green Street, Room 141A, Gardner, MA 01440 (either sent directly by the licensed professional or hand carried by the student). Upon student request , the counselor will determine appropriate academic adjustments and make arrangements to provide auxiliary learning aid assistance and support services to students in accordance with their documented needs. Students must make an appointment to see the counselor to discuss and arrange for any appropriate academic adjustments. Accommodations are not “automatic.”