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In March 2011, MWCC activated two new 1.64 MW wind turbines. The Vestas V82 turbines are now generating 100% of the college’s annual electricity, plus returning power back to the grid.

The wind energy project is an integral component in Governor Deval Patrick’s 2007 executive order “Leading by Example – Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings.” The $9 million wind project, a collaboration between the college and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Division of Capital Asset Management, the Department of Energy Resources, and the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. The JK Scanlan Company, Inc. of Massachusetts serves as general contractors.


To implement its wind energy program, MWCC engaged in a number of studies:

  • A 50 meter meteorological tower was installed and comprehensive wind data was collected and analyzed.
  • With support from the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management, a consulting team was hired to perform a feasibility study: Several different turbines and ownership/financing options were studied. Detailed financial pro-formas were completed using several financing scenarios. The consulting team completed feasibility study concluding that was a one or two turbine project is feasible.
  • A US DOE grant was approved for the development of the project.
  • The study team was expanded to carry out the project permitting. Studies were undertaken including: avian studies, bat studies, visual simulation study, sound impact study, shadow flicker impact study and EMI impact study. Since US Department of Energy funds are being used for the project, permitting requirements included assessments under the National Environmental Permitting Act.
  • FAA Determination of No Hazard has been received
  • Necessary state and local level approvals have been received

Watch this video about how our turbines were built:

Many of the project reports are below: