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<p>The 1920’s are roaring with hot jazz and cold-blooded killers in this drop-dead musical, nominated for 8 Tony Awards. Chicago is a sexy musical extravaganza that tells the story of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly who murder their faithless lovers and go on to fame and fortune.</p> <p>Starring</p> <p>Julie Capone Smith, Nicole Couture, Sandie Couture, Frederick Edwards, Jared Pedjoe, Hillary Steele, Lara Fox, Jessie Vescovi, Stephanie Cunningham and Kate Scott</p>

Velveteen Rabbit

<p>This musical adaptation of Margery Williams’ classic follows the adventures of a toy rabbit as he tries to become real. On his way, the rabbit must deal with the Top Banana Nana who rules the nursery with an iron hand, and other haughty and unfriendly toys. Velveteen Rabbit offers comedy, pathos, adventure and a final triumph for the hero, who learns that love makes all things real.</p> <p>Starring: Joey Berthiaume, Liz Coakley, Bill Asher, Sue DiRusso, Kyle Traver, Sharon Asher, Keith Mistler, Tom Hardy, Stephanie Tignor, Chrissie Tignor, Francesca Persson And also featuring Marisa Davis, Alyson Foisy, Katie O’Leary, Joey McNamara, Sam Simahk, Stacy Kadesch, Rachelle Gendron, Kayleigh Ringer, Samantha Starapoli, Meredith Peterson, Apyrlle Roberts, Emily Lambert, Heather DeRoy, Alaina Gordon, Hannah D’Alessandro, Sarah Asher, Emily Asher, Jeremy Asher, Ashley Owen, Natalya Bettzig, David Anderson and Carlin Kennedy</p>


<p>Four couples gather to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of their best friends only to discover an attempted suicide – or is it? A missing wife, a missing cook, a damaged car, whip lash, a recurring spasm and rumors galore add to the comedic mayhem.</p> <p>Starring: Jeff Williams, Cheryl Miller, Wendy Almeida, Rick Tousignant, Lynn Vaillencourt, Gary Kendall, Carolyn Aliskevicz, Jason Cook, Juliet Olivier and Aaron Littlefield</p>


<p>Directed by Lorien Corbelletti, Music Directed by Jeff Williams, Choreographed by Jerianne Warren</p> <p>Starring: Aaron Whipple, Jerianne Warren, Paul Harris, Shannon Cunningham, Joel LeBlanc, Chuck Grigaitis, Wendy Almeida, Elena Stangland, Drew Stangland, Joel Hersh, Lela Male, Juliet Olivier, Jessie Vescovi, Angie Beauvais</p> <p>Stephen Sondheim’s landmark musical tells the story of Bobby, a confirmed bachelor who is surrounded by five mixed-up married couples and three girlfriends as he celebrates his 35th birthday and contemplates the state of matrimony. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical!</p>


<p>Directed by Cheryl Carter Miller, Music Directed by Bill Asher, Choreographed by Nicole Couture</p> <p>This high energy musical based on the hit movie starring Kevin Bacon is about a teenager from Chicago who moves to a small town where dancing is against the law. All of the hit songs from the film are performed, including Let’s Hear It For the Boy, Almost Paradise, and, of course, Footloose.</p> <p>Starring: Jared Pedjoe, Amanda Bruce, Kyle Crand, Hillary Steele, David Twiss, Pattie Pichette, Dawn Young, Ashley Hopkins, Ray Aucoin, Brian Bassett, Fran Brideau, Paul Carter, Jeaninne Como, Chuck Grimm, Brent Hopkins, Leland Karn, Sean Quinn, Mike Ross, Esther Simpson, Mary Helan Turner, Diane Twiss, Rick Tousignant and James Turner</p>

Stuart Little

<p>Directed by Lorien Corbelletti, Music Directed by Deb Bonneau, Choreographed by Joel Seger <p>E. B. White’s classic tale about a little mouse born into a normal New York family traces the marvelous maneuverings of a mild-mannered mouse trying to survive in a “real people’s world.” In this hilarious tale, children will discover that you can’t always judge a “mouse” by the size of his ears or the length of his tail.</p> <p>Starring: Garrett Cardosi, Kathleen O’Loughlin, Tom Hardy, Sam Simahk, Aidan Kinney, David Arsenault, Noelle Bonneau, Chrissy Tignor, Stefanie Tignor, Katie O’Leary, Alyson Foisy and Jillianne Moody</p>


<p>Directed by Peter Landry, Music Directed by David Twiss, Choreographed by Rob Houle <p>No holiday season is complete without a retelling of Dickens’ beloved “A Christmas Carol.’ The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future take miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge on a fantastic trip through time as he learns the classic message of “good will toward men.”</p> <p>Starring: David Bonneau, Paul Caouette, Jennifer Carroll, Craig Cormier, Alexa Delisle, Sue DiRusso, Tom DiRusso, Nathan Foisy, Anthony Kirouac, Noelle Landry, John Leslie, Fay Newton, Meghan O’Brien, Abigail Ouelett, Adam Ouelett, Juliet Olivier, Pam Sontag, Rick Tousignant, Rachelle Vachon and Evan West</p>