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Jesus Christ Superstar

Directed by Rob Houle Music Directed by David Twiss Choreographed by Chris Casello February/March 2005 <p>The world’s first rock opera explodes onto the stage telling the story of the last seven days of Jesus with emotional intensity, thought-provoking edge and extraordinary theatricality. Featured in the score are some of musical theatre’s most captivating songs including “I Don’t Know How To Love Him,” “Everything’s Alright, “ and, of course, “Superstar!”</p> <p>Starring: Joey Andrade, Ethan Caouette, Fatima Elmi, Peter Landry, Hans Foy, Joe Arsenault, Jaime Perez, Taylor Lawton, Paul Caouette and many others.</p>

Honk Jr.

Directed by Sharon Arsenault Music Directed by Bill Asher Choreographed by Nicole Couture February/March 2004 April 2005 <p>Honk Jr. is a contemporary re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic story, The Ugly Duckling. Ugly, whose odd, gawky looks instantly incite prejudice from his family and neighbors is separated from the farm and pursued by a hungry Cat. Through his rollicking and harrowing journey kids learn that being different is okay, and that somewhere out there, someone’s gonna love you – warts and all!</p> <p>Starring: Dylan Anderson, Sarah Asher, Jeremy Asher, Keegan Evans, Wesley Young, Nathan Foisey, Tyler Simahk, Alyssa Gentry, Emily Asher, Doug Dame and many others.</p>

Leader of the Pack

Directed by Tara McRae Music Directed by Nate Newton Choreographed by Chris Cassello May 2005 April 2005 February/March 2004 <p>Celebrate the life and times of composer Ellie Greenwich, whose signature doo-wop tunes skyrocketed straight to the top of the 60s charts. The story of Ellie’s rise to fame is punctuated with pop hits like “Chapel of Love,” “Hanky Panky,” and “Doo Wah Diddy.” Charming, cheerful and chock full of fun, this rock and roll musical will have you bopping in the aisles!</p> <p>Starring: Katrina Caouette, Liz Coakley, Stephanie Cunningham, Fatima Elmi, Melissa Gates, Angela Pelletier, Jaime Perez, Mike Ross, Marty Simmons, Britney Steele and many others.</p>

A Little Night Music

Directed by Lorien Corbelletti Music Directed by David Twiss Choreographed by Rob Houle June/July 2005 <p>Love and sex are on everyone’s mind when a middle-aged attorney, his teenage bride and his beautiful world-weary former lover gather for the weekend at a Swedish country estate. The entire game of romantic musical chairs is colored by Sondheim’s acerbic wit and poignant score which includes a shimmering swirl of delectable waltzes and the immortal “Send in the Clowns.”</p> <p>Starring: Peter Landry, Gloria Olivier, Wendy Almeida, Matt Dombroski, Sarah Rulfs, Tony Kirouac, Nicole Kirrane, Carolyn Aliskevicz, Chris Mascharka, Mikayla Campbell, Lynn Vaillancourt, Chuck Grigaitis, Jennifer Williams, Frederick Edwards, Diane Twiss, Alyssa Gentry, Courtney Bassett.</p>

Babes in Arms

Directed by Jeff Williams Choreographed by Nicole Couture August 2005 <p>This quintessential “Hey, kids, let’s put on a show!” musical is set at a summer stock theatre where the talented young apprentices hope to bring their revue to Broadway. The show boasts one of Rodgers and Hart’s greatest scores with tunes that have become standards like “The Lady is a Tramp,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Where or When,” and “Johnny One-Note.”</p> <p>Starring: Emery Markles, Rachel Phaneuf, Liz Coakley, James Turner, Jessica Theriault, Alyssa Gentry, Michael Knight, Steve D’Ambrosio, Mary Helane Turner, Ken Gagne and many others.</p>

Clue, the Musical

Directed by Lorien Corbelletti Music Directed by Joanne Landry Choreographed by Nicole Couture October 2005 <p>All of your favorite characters from the board game come to life in this fun and suspenseful whodunit musical. The suspects sing, dance and joke their way into your heart …or into suspicion, as you guess which one of the 216 possible endings, different every performance, is the answer to: whodunit, in what room, with what weapon?</p> <p>Starring: Carolyn Aliskevicz, Linda Oroszko, Nicole Kirrane, T. J. Sweney, Rob Houle, Jeff Williams, Joe Andrade, Barry Lew and Bart Sides.</p>

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Directed by Gail Steele Music Directed by Deb Bonneau Choreographed by Chris Casello October/November 2005 <p>Not only does Alexander wake up with gum in his hair, but his mother forgets to pack him dessert, and his best friend decides he’s not his best friend anymore. And just when it can’t get any worse, there are lima beans for supper and – yuck! – kissing on TV! It’s enough to make anyone want to go to Australia! In this delightful musical, the feisty Alexander learns to deal with life’s obstacles and realizes that bad days happen – even in Australia!</p> <p>Starring: Doug Dame, Andrea Rutkowski, Kyle Carlson, Holli Hartmann, David Arsenault, Dylan Anderson, Cameron Benoit, Courtney Bassett, Lynne Dumais, Kaara McHugh, Jason Garceau, Mikayla Campbell and Jaymee Moody.</p>

Disney\'s Beauty and the Beast

Directed by Peter Landry Music Directed by Jeff Williams Choreographed by Sandie Couture December 2005 <p>Once upon a time a selfish young prince refused to give shelter to an ugly old woman and was changed into a hideous beast. In order to break the spell, he must learn to love another and earn her love in return. But who would ever love a beast? Step into the enchanted world of Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth and all of the beloved characters in this classic “tale as old as time.”</p> <p>Starring: Alyssa Gentry, Chris Cassello, Rob Houle, Mark Clermont, Becky Ufema, Jennifer Williams, Nicole Couture, Tim Murphy, Nicholas Landry, Jeff Fleming, Craig Cormier and many others.</p>