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The Producers

Directed by Tim Recko Music Directed by Dave Twiss Choreographed by Dede Recko February/March 2009 <p>Outrageous, hilarious, a teeny bit offensive, off the wall, and the winner of 12 Tony Awards are just a few things that The Producers is. You will find yourself holding your sides with laughter as Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom sing and dance their way through the greatest show biz scam that there ever was. This is Mel Brooks at his best!</p> <p>Starring: Matt Dombroski, Ethan Caouette, Allison Laverdiere, Joe Andrade, Thom Hardy, Larry Hill, Sue DiRusso, Craig Cormier and many others.</p>

Willy Wonka Jr

Directed by Emily Smith Music Directed by Katrina Caouette Choreographed by Alison Laverdiere April 2009 <p>Travel to a magical and mysterious chocolate factory, where the “Candy Man,” Willy Wonka, invites the audience to join him in a world of “pure imagination.” All of your favorite characters including Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee and the Oompa-Loompas are featured in this show that overflows with music, comedy and heart.</p> <p>Starring: Lizzy Burke, Rebecca Songer, Zachary McDermott, Jessica Campbell, Tyler Simahk, Nathan Foisy, Ben West, Meagan Dame, Andrea Brittany Stewart, Liz Baer, Andrew Kelly, Ethan Berube, Megan Bliss, Erin Leamy, Leighton Moylan, Danny Rodriguez, Mike Carpentier, a large ensemble of children and teens, and Doug Dame as Willy Wonka.</p>

The Miss Firecracker Contest

Directed by Rob Houle June 2009 <p>Carnelle Scott believes that winning the local beauty pageant is her only opportunity to redeem her tarnished reputation and get out of town “in a blaze of glory.” But her efforts to secure the Miss Firecracker title are complicated by the arrival of her cousins: a former pageant winner and a recently released mental patient. Eccentric characters and zany small town antics provide the “spark” that ignites this heartwarming comedy, just in time for the 4th of July!</p> <p>Starring: Melissa Gates, Tony Kirouac, Ryann Bingham Brown, Chelsea Young, Emily Smith and Tim Smith.</p>

All Shook Up

Directed by Lorien Corbelletti Music Directed by Dave Twiss Choreographed by Nicole Couture August 2009 <p>Love sparks in a little square town when a leather jacketed drifter, just out of prison, turns a drab, uptight community into a rockin’ place where everything is All Shook Up! Get on your “Blue Suede Shoes,” because you’ll be dancing in the aisles to all of your favorite Elvis classics like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.”</p> <p>Starring: Chuck Berube, Cheryl Carter Miller, Shani Farrell, Nicholas Howe, Michael Knight, Taylor Lawton, Justin McCoubry, Angie Michaud, Sarah Neslusan, Amy Oldenquist and many others.</p>

Forbidden Broadway

Directed by Peter Landry Music Directed by Joanne Landry Choreographed by Alison Laverdiere October 2009 <p>Don’t miss the fun as Forbidden Broadway spoofs show tunes, characters and plots of classic and current Broadway musicals. New York’s longest running musical comedy revue skewers productions you know and love like “Annie,” “Les Miserables,” and many more. No one avoids its acid-tongued humor – Broadway actors, composers, choreographers and directors are all roasted to the audience’s delight!</p> <p>Starring: Julie Smith, Joyce Baldwin, Marc Clermont, Anthony Kirouac, Thom Hardy, Melissa Gates, Rachel Phaneuf, Jill Williams, Chelsea Young and Kyle Carlson.</p>


Directed by Emily Smith Music Directed by Katrina Caouette Choreographed by Thom Hardy October 2009 Busytown is always buzzing with activity. But what do people do all day? Huckle Cat takes us on a tour of his great neighborhood where even the smallest of daily exchanges is an interesting adventure. Huckle shows us how Farmer Pig and Grocer Cat work together to bring food to the town. Construction Worker and his crew build new houses, and Fire chief and the gang keep them safe. Through vibrant singing and dancing we see that everyone in Busytown relies on one another, and every job has an important role! Starring: Meagan Dame, Danny Rodriguez, Nathan Foisy, Brittany Stewart, Mary Kate Erickson, Olivia Ryan, Ben West, Tom Moretti, Jordan Hass, Cheyenne Prescott, Vikki Chase, Andrew Kelley, Merrick Henry and Emily Xarras.

Peter Pan

Directed by Regina Stillings Music Directed by Jeff Williams Choreographed by Chris Casello November/December 2009 <p>Soar through the nursery window with Peter Pan to Never-Never Land - where you’ll encounter Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, and, of course, TinkerBell. Enjoy the songs you’ve come to love like “I Won’t Grow Up,” “I Gotta Crow,” and “I’m Flying!” Flying, fantasy and fun characterize this beloved musical adventure for the whole family.</p> <p>Starring: Trish Aponte, Audrey Clark, Katrina Caouette, Matt Dombroski, Nicole Kirrane, Tyler Moran, Timothy Murphy, Alex Pickering and many others.</p>